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   Chapter 193 Moderate Depression

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David's death came so suddenly that Anna couldn't accept it at all. Kneeling in front of the operating table, she held his hand and called him again and again, "uncle! Uncle!"

"Don't shed crocodile tears here!"

Dora suddenly pushed her to the ground and glared at her with red eyes. "My father wouldn't have died if it weren't for you! You murderer! Give my father back to me! !"

When she reached out to pinch Anna's neck, Vincent stepped forward to protect her. He grabbed Dora's wrist and said, "Dora, I've told you, don't go too far! I'm here. No one is allowed to hurt Anna."

"She killed my father! ! !"

Dora roared hysterically, "She killed my father and made my mother unconscious. What's wrong with me pushing her? Vincent, you'd better stay out of this matter, and you can't get involved in it. If I don't avenge my father's death, I'm not a child of the Lin family! Get away from me! !"

It was impossible for Vincent to make his way. He stood in front of Anna and said, "Anna is my wife. I should take responsibility for her mistakes. No matter how you want to take revenge on her, just target me. I'll bear it for her! ! !"


With tears in her beautiful eyes, Dora looked at Vincent pitifully and said, "Since such a thing has happened, don't be so protective of Anna, okay? Can you stand on my side this time? Can't you just give me a little comfort and warmth? "

Vincent avoided eye contact with her and turned his head away. In the end, he only said apologetically to Dora, "I'm sorry. It's my responsibility and mission to protect Anna. I can't watch her get hurt."

When he turned around and was about to take her away, he found that Anna was kneeling on the floor. She slapped herself across the face and said, "It's all my fault. It's all my fault. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for you. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It's all my fault..."


Vincent grabbed her hand and shouted, "What are you doing! I don't allow you to do that! "

However, A

ive sadness is not good for our baby, so even for the sake of our baby, you have to be strong, okay?"

Was she pregnant again?

Tears stopped in Anna's eyes. She looked at Vincent in surprise and disbelief. Really? Was she really pregnant?

"Yes, it's true!"

Vincent was also excited. "I have confirmed with Harland over and over again, and you are really pregnant. You are indeed pregnant! And it had been more than a month! Anna! We are going to have a baby. We can have a baby again!"

Anna was so happy that tears streamed down her cheeks. She touched her belly with her fair hands over and over again. There was a baby in her belly! She was pregnant again!


Tears of joy almost streamed down his cheeks. Vincent held Anna's hand tightly and kissed it again and again. "You're awesome. I love you so much! I will give everything I have to you and our baby. Give me one more chance to stay with you and take care of you, okay?"

Anna had wanted to commit suicide. She felt her life was too bad. She couldn't see the hope of life, so she wanted to commit suicide. But the sudden baby made her too happy and surprised. She became a mother again. She shouldered the responsibility of a mother, so how could she choose to commit suicide?

As for Vincent, "I will only give you the last chance."

For their baby.

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