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   Chapter 189 Journalists

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Two clear palm prints immediately appeared on Dora's fair face, but they still couldn't dispel the hatred in Anna's heart. She pushed her back hard and said coldly, "from now on, please leave here! You're not welcome by Anna! Don't shed crocodile tears here anymore. I feel sick to see it! Fuck off! Fuck off! !"

Dora, who was in high heels, staggered back a few steps and finally fell to the ground. Tears welled up in her eyes. She looked up at Anna pitifully and asked, "Why did you do this to me? Anna, I just want to be friends with you. I want to make peace with you!"

This sentence again!

Anna was going crazy! How could Dora be so shameless? What the hell did she want!?

"Don't you understand what I said?"

In a huff, Anna walked up to her and wanted to slap her again. But at this time, another group of reporters swarmed up and surrounded Anna and Dora. "Miss Anna, did you hit Miss Dora again? Why? Is it because Mr. Vincent has been too close to Miss Dora these days that you are jealous?"

"Miss Anna, your mother has been in hospital these days, but Mr. Vincent hasn't shown up. Is it because your relationship has broken up? Does this broken up relationship have anything to do with Miss Dora?"

"Miss Anna, it's said that you are kind-hearted, but it's not the first time that we have caught you slapping Miss Dora. When we are not absent, do you use any other way to bully Miss Dora?"

"Miss Dora wanted to make up with you again and again, but you refused. Are you afraid that Miss Dora will share Mr. Vincent with you?"

"Miss Dora helped the Lu Group get through the crisis. Miss Anna, do you feel guilty? If Mr. Vincent insists on being with Miss Dora, will you agree? If you really divorce Mr. Vincent, how much property do you want to get from him?"

Anna was confused. 'Who wants the Lu family's property from Vincent?' she wondered. Could these people not make reckless comments?

"As to the relationship among me, Vincent and


Anna said fearlessly, "what tricks else do you have? Just do it! I'm not afraid of you! "

"I... I don't want to do anything."

Dora's eyes reddened with grievance, but Anna had been tired of her. She couldn't even bear to see her like this. Harland couldn't stand her too, saying, "There's nothing you need to do here. You can go back. Anna and aunt don't need you to visit them. If you don't come, they may be more comfortable."

Holding Anna in his arms, Harland walked away. With a serious look on his face, he asked, "What happened? Why did those people say your relationship with Vincent is in crisis? What happened? Didn't you get along well with each other these days? Did Vincent piss you off again?"

Anna really didn't want to tell him what Vincent had done. She shrugged her shoulders and looked at Harland with her bright and clean eyes. "It's meaningless to say it now. I don't want to mention him anymore. That's it."

She could make it through without him, couldn't she?

She saw it too clearly that everyone can live well alone in the world without relying on anyone.

Looking at the back of her leaving figure, Harland was truly immersed in deep distress. Sometimes, he really didn't know whether he was doing the right thing or wrong.

Anna, I hope you won't blame me——

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