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   Chapter 183 A Choice Under Great Pressure

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It had never occurred to Anna that this social engagement with Vincent would end up like this. Not only did they fail to sign the contract, but also had another one opponent. She felt so regretful!

"I'm sorry."

After returning to the seaside villa, Anna apologized, "it's all my fault. I insisted on following you. If I hadn't followed you..."

"Silly girl."

Tired, he held her in his arms and lay on the sofa. With a deep sigh, Vincent said, "Why it was your fault? It's obvious that those people have gone too far."

Those who united to defeat him.

At the same time, Anna was also under a lot of pressure. If things went on like this, the Lu Group couldn't afford to maintain its current operations...

"From now on, you'd better work in the company obediently."

After kissing Anna on her forehead, Vincent said, "I'm worried about you."

Anna nodded resignedly. She wouldn't cause more trouble to him since she couldn't help him.

"Don't be like that. It's not a big deal for me."

Looking at her sad face, Vincent braced himself up and pinched her face. "Trust me, as long as you are by my side and with your support, I will soon achieve great success for you!"

Anna nodded in agreement, but her heart ached for him. How stupid he was! No matter what kind of pressure he was under, he would bear it all by himself. She had to treat him better.

On the second day, when she went to work, Anna kept frowning in the office. She tried to find a way to help Vincent relieve the pressure, but after careful consideration, she found that she knew no one in this complicated business world.

Anna scratched her hair in pain, feeling powerless that she had never felt before. When could she become more valuable?

"Knock, knock, knock."

There was a knock on the door. Anna thought it was Sean who came to deliver the documents. She replied slowly and found that it was Dora.

"Why are you here?"

All the guards were on alert. Anna looked at the woman in front of her warily and asked, "What are you doing here? You are not welcome here. Please leav

one looked up at him, flattered him, and worshiped him.

What about now?

In the office, he called all the companies one by one in a humble and flattering tone——

Tears streamed down Anna's cheeks.

This fool, this big fool...

"Mrs. Anna."

Sean walked to Anna and said in a low voice. Anna wiped her tears in a hurry and took the documents from him. "I'll send them to him. You can go ahead with your work."

As Sean nodded and was about to leave, Anna stopped him again. With red eyes, she said, "Sean, thank you. Thank you for following and trusting Vincent wholeheartedly regardless of the Lu Group's situation and how others discredit it. I thank you on behalf of him."

After making a ninety degree bow, Anna expressed her sincere gratitude. Hearing that, Sean was in a trance. He didn't expect that Anna would do such a thing. After all, she was Vincent's wife

"That's what I should do!"

Being encouraged, Sean raised a confident smile and said in high spirits, "Mr. Vincent is very capable. It's my honor to work for him. As long as Mrs. Anna is there, the Lu Group will definitely get out of trouble and welcome a bright future!"

With a gentle smile, Anna turned around and pushed the door open. She walked straight to Vincent and asked, "Is there any progress? I'll find you a company that is willing to cooperate with you. Do you want to have a try?"

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