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   Chapter 181 Are You Hiding Something From Me

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On the second morning, Anna got up early and made breakfast for Vincent. However, when he woke up, he scratched his hair apologetically and said to Anna, "honey, I'm leaving now. I have business to deal with today. I'll ask Sean to pick you up later."

Anna didn't even say a word to him when he disappeared from her sight. Looking at the table full of breakfast, she suddenly felt sad.

"Men are always like this."

Noticing the displeasure on Anna's face, Darcy persuaded, "Mr. Lu has done a lot for this family and the Lu Group. Some time ago, the Lu Group was in trouble again. It's understandable that Mr. Lu has been busy these days. Mrs. Lu, don't be angry. Eat more and take good care of yourself."

Anna forced a smile. She knew these of course. But she didn't talk to Vincent for a whole day. She felt empty in her heart——

After eating a bowl of porridge, Anna drove to the company. She worked hard to numb herself. Meanwhile, she was looking forward to having a talk with Vincent after work.

However, just like yesterday, Vincent went out to have dinner again. He didn't come back until two o'clock in the morning, reeking of alcohol.

"Why did you drink so much again? Did you eat anything?"

With concern, Anna helped him walk into the bedroom. She frowned and said, "Go to bed first. I'll run a bath for you."

Vincent babbled. But when Anna came back, he was already in deep sleep.

Looking at his sleeping face, Anna heaved a deep sigh. How long would such a life last?

For the past few days, Vincent had been socializing with others. Although they lived under the same roof, Anna seldom talked to him. Every time he came back, he was either drunk or exhausted, and Anna didn't know what to say to him.

"Is there anything wrong with Vincent's work recently?"

She really didn't want to live like this any longer. On this day, Anna called in Sean and asked, "He has been out for business for several days. Why is still no one willing to cooperate with the Lu Group?"

With an embarrassed look on his face, Sean said, "I don't know what's going on

How could she help him?

It was just a daydream.

As she slowly moved outwards, her wrist was suddenly clasped. "I'm sorry, Anna."

With his eyebrows tightly knitted, Vincent looked very painful. He pressed his temples with both hands and sat heavily on the sofa. "Recently, I have been under too much pressure and had a bad rest, so I said such words on impulse. Don't be angry and don't lower yourself to the same level as me."

After the press conference, he had thought that the companies that were willing to cooperate with the Lu Group would come to him one after another, but it turned out that he was too naive. Somehow, he could feel a strong force against him, and he was not convinced. But the more he thought so, the more serious he was, and the more he wanted to prove himself through his own ability. Therefore, when all his efforts was in vain, he became more sensitive and angrier.

He hated himself for being incompetent, but he refused to admit his incompetence to others. This kind of torture had been tormenting him, and he had been living in pain. Since he entered the business world, he had never been in such a predicament——

No one knew how Anna managed to calm herself down. She took a deep breath, walked to Vincent, held his head in her arms and said slowly, "it doesn't matter. No matter what happens, you still have me. I will always be with you..."

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