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   Chapter 180 Much Cry And Little Done

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Anna didn't understand what Vincent and Harland were talking about at all. Her beautiful eyes were full of doubts, but he didn't intend to tell her. He pulled her into his arms and rubbed her black hair with his broad hand. He smiled affectionately. "Let's expose the truth."

A grand press conference was held in the senior meeting room of the Lu Group. Almost all media in L City were present. The conference room was soon filled with the bustling crowd. Facing so many cameras and lights, Anna felt nervous.

"This is the autopsy report of the dead in this accident."

After the press conference held by Sean started, Vincent went straight to the stage and showed the report that Harland had handed to him to everyone. "The report is very clear. The cause of the death of the dead was not because of heavy object attack, which means the death of the dead was not caused by us.

There is no problem with the quality of the projects under the Lu Group."

Hearing this, the audience sighed. No one had expected that Vincent would say something like that. When he took out such a report, every reporter's face was full of excitement. They looked up at him and asked, "since the report says that the dead person didn't die because of being attacked by heavy objects, how did he die?"

Vincent glanced at everyone with his eagle like sharp eyes. After exchanging a look with Sean, he and the police officer took the two suspects on the stage.

"According to our investigation with the police, the dead drank with these two workers the night before the case. The dead couldn't drink much, but the two of them deliberately persuaded the dead to drink, resulting in the death of the dead due to alcoholism. After the case, the two workers were afraid that the matter would be exposed, so they came up with a plan to move the dead into the construction site. They deliberately pushed down a wall that was under construction, creating the illusion that the dead died because of the heavy object attack, which confused the public. They shifted their guilt and framed the Lu Group."

Anna was shocked. She didn't expect the truth to be like this! Were people's hearts now bad to this degree? In order to escape the legal sanction, they had shifted such a crime to the

with Vincent at this time. She felt that if she left at this time, there would be a greater distance between her and him. She wanted to stay by his side to help him, but he had been pushing her out...

With a heavy heart, she walked out of the Lu Group and got in the car. Leaning against the window, Anna didn't say anything. Noticing her sadness, Harland asked, "What's wrong? Is there anything bothering you? Tell me. "

Anna raised her lips bitterly and helplessly. How could she say these thoughts out loud?

"Harland, I don't want to go home."

Looking into his amber eyes, Anna said, "take me to my mother's."

It took Harland a while to realize that she was talking about Sharon. "Really?"

Anna nodded firmly. 'She is my mother-in-law after all. How can I not go?' she thought. Besides, she had a lot to tell her——

It was already seven or eight o'clock in the evening when she returned to the seaside villa from Sharon's house. Anna thought Vincent would go home soon, but it was not until early in the morning that he stepped into the house, reeking of alcohol.

"I'm sorry, honey. I'm late."

Since she left the HY Club, Anna seldom drank. The smell of alcohol from Vincent made her frown. After taking care of him to fall asleep with Darcy's help, Anna had a lot to say.

She always felt that she was in a dangerous situation. She wanted to tell Vincent, but how could he listen to her now?

Looking out of the window sadly at the moon, Anna couldn't fall asleep all night...

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