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   Chapter 179 A Gentleman Does Not Rob Others' Love

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Sharon's last sentence really hurt Anna's heart. She was right. She couldn't give birth to a baby, and she didn't have the ability. How could she get Sharon's affection? As a mother-in-law, no one would accept her existence.

"Auntie, you've gone too far."

Even if he was facing Sharon, Harland would still stand out and speak for Anna. "The examples you have mentioned, including the incidents that the Lu Group has suffered recently, were all intentional. How can you blame such a crime on Anna alone? Anna was innocent, and she was also a victim! These things have nothing to do with her at all. How can you blame her like this?"

"What's more, if it weren't for Dora, I'm afraid that Anna is going to give birth and you're going to have your own grandson. But because of this woman, not only you lost the descendants of the Lu family, but also Anna's health was greatly affected. You don't hate this woman, but instead blame Anna. Have you ever thought that your behavior would make Anna very sad? It's unfair to Anna!"

Sharon was rendered speechless. Harland continued, "You're right. I like Anna, and I've liked her since I was a child. But I know that a gentleman doesn't rob others' love. Since Anna has become Vincent's wife, I will only choose to stand by from a distance. As long as Anna doesn't ask me, I will never disturb her current life. If you suspect that there is something between me and Anna, I don't understand what you mean. Don't you believe me? Am I really so bad in your heart?"

"I didn't mean that---"

Sharon didn't want to fall out with Harland. The Qin family was very powerful in L City. She didn't want the relationship between him and Vincent to be strained because of her. "I..."


But before she could finish her words, she heard Anna sneer, which made her angry again. "What are you laughing at?"

What was Anna laughing at?

She laughed that Sharon was so mean and stingy!

If Anna had said the same words, it wouldn't have worked. But Harland was different. Sure enough, what the rich and powerful people

her fever doesn't go down in an hour, you can send her to the hospital at that time."

Vincent nodded. Anna asked anxiously, "how's your investigation with Dora? Did this matter come to an end? Have you found out anything? "

Vincent nodded solemnly, but he was not in a hurry to tell her the result. He looked at Harland and asked, "How is the result of the autopsy? Was it really because he was attacked by something heavy that he died?"

It was reported that a bad construction project was built under the Lu Group, which led to the workers' death because of the heavy object collapse at a high place during the construction. But Vincent didn't believe it.

He often went to the construction site for exploration, and often asked the relevant departments to have a sample inspection. He absolutely believed that there was no problem with the construction quality of the project. That was to say, what the media reported was ridiculous and deliberately made up. What he needed to do was to find evidence to refute this claim and prove the innocence of the Lu Group.

Harland breathed a sigh of relief. His eyes were far-reaching, but there was a flash of relief in them. "As we expected, the cause of the death of the dead is not because of being attacked by heavy things. Just this alone is enough for us to hold a press conference and expose the truth to the public."

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