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   Chapter 177 Strike

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Vincent knew better than anyone how much Anna wanted to have her own career and how much she had done for it. Therefore, even if the Lu Group was really going to go bankrupt, he would definitely help Anna maintain her dream.

Anna wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Vincent's gentle kiss with his index finger. "Don't say anything. If you are moved and want to thank me, just kiss me. I'm a little tired."

He had thought of solutions the whole night last night, and his brain had been in a nervous state. Now he wanted to sleep with her in his arms.

It was rare for Anna to hear Vincent say that he was tired. She felt sorry for him and kissed his handsome face and eyes. "You little fool, have a rest if you want to. I'm here looking at you."

People are not made of iron. Everyone would get tired sometimes, but Vincent smiled gently, with a warm smile on his sexy and beautiful thin lips, "I won't sleep. With your encouragement, I can face this day."

He couldn't fall at this critical moment.

Anna wanted him to have a rest, but he refused. When the two of them were arguing, the door of the office had been pushed open. Dora came in. Seeing the two of them embracing each other intimately, a trace of hostility and jealousy flashed through her deep eyes.

Seeing the news report like yesterday, how could Anna get along well with Vincent? Did she really have a heart?

Dora quickly suppressed her dissatisfaction and asked, "Mr. Vincent, how's your investigation going? Is there any progress?"

By instinct, Vincent felt tired of her. Didn't he make it clear last night that he wouldn't let her contact him anymore?

"Miss Lin, I appreciate your kindness, but please turn around and leave my office now. I don't need your help. This is an internal matter of the Lu Group and I will investigate it myself. Don't meddle in it. I won't accept it!"

The relationship between him and Anna had just eased, but she suddenly popped up. What on earth did she want to do?

"Vince, I..."

Dora felt wronged and her eyes turned red instantly. "I just want to help you. I'm sorry to disturb you."

It was obvious that

r interests? Think about it carefully!"

The crowd fell into silence. They looked at each other and didn't know what to say. Then Anna continued, "no one, including me and Vincent, has expected such a thing to happen to the Lu Group. But here, I can swear with my life that there will never be a bad construction project under the Lu Group, nor will he do anything against our conscience!"

"Now the Lu Group is in danger because some villains are jealous of it and deliberately set it up. But Vincent is a real man. He won't allow others to bully him like this. He is looking for the truth. I believe that it won't be long before Vincent can find out the truth, and then the Lu Group will prove its innocence, and the Lu Group will be reborn!"

"At the same time, I also believe that after the nirvana, the Lu Group will go further on the road of success, fly higher, and bring more benefits to the employees. I believe that as long as you are willing to give the Lu Group a chance, as long as you are willing to continue to stay in the Lu Group, you will receive the favor of the Lu Group. But if you insist on leaving, as the person in charge of the Lu Group, I will not stop you. You have your choice, but the truth and future are in our hands! I still have a strong self-confidence. I believe that the Lu Group will still be the leading enterprise in L City. I believe that the Lu Group will not be easily knocked down! !"

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