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   Chapter 176 A Starved Camel Is Bigger Than A Horse

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On the second morning, Vincent got up early and made a love breakfast for Anna. Fearing that she was still angry, he said cautiously, "honey, eat something. I heard from Darcy that you didn't eat anything last night. How can you do this? I'll feel sad if you are starving."

Vincent walked to her and held her hand. "I know it was all my fault yesterday. It's all my fault. You can beat me and scold me, but don't abuse yourself like this. I feel sorry for you. I really feel sorry for you."

Looking at the concerned look on Vincent's face, Anna sighed deeply. At this moment, she shouldn't have been angry with him. He had something more important to worry about, not to mention that he had explained it clearly yesterday——

"Well, come here and have dinner. How can I eat if you keep looking at me like this?"

Knowing that she wasn't angry anymore, Vincent was in a better mood. However, Anna was still worried about the matter. Even when she was eating, she asked, "How's it going now? Could the Lu Group survive? How is the stock market going? "

"Don't worry."

After bringing a glass of warm milk to Anna, Vincent said, "Harland and I have bought a lot of stocks sold by others to maintain the stock price for the time being. There shouldn't be any big problem in this respect."

"As for the truth, we are still investigating. If everything goes smoothly, we should have the result in a few days."

If that was the case, it would be great.

"Go to the company after dinner."

She pushed the breakfast aside. She was preoccupied with a lot of things. Anna didn't have a good appetite either. Vincent felt sorry for her, but he had no choice. Finding out the truth as soon as possible was the only way to make her to smile again.

The moment they arrived at the Lu Group, they were surrounded by a large number of reporters and the families of the dead. "Mr. Vincent, it has been two days. What have you Lu Group found out? What explanation do you want to give to the family of the deceased?"

"You've always said that the Lu Group is upright and honest. But recently, there have been a series of accidents in the Lu Group, which made many of the companies that cooperate with you feel insecure. Mr. Vincent,

nna had personally participated in the research and development. He couldn't let it come to an end so easily. He couldn't easily fulfill the villain's wish and transfer it to others.

A starved camel was bigger than a horse. No matter how difficult the Lu Group was, it still had the power to run a cosmetic brand.

"No matter what, we can't give up on the cosmetics."

Sean frowned. It was not a wise decision to invest money in a non-profitable project at such a critical moment, but Vincent insisted——

Maybe, this was the power of love!

"I see."

When he walked out of his office and was about to go back to his work, Sean ran into Anna. Smiling at him, Anna was actually moved.

She heard what Vincent said just now.

This fool, how could my brand be more important than the development of Lu Group? '?

"You don't have to do that."

Walking up to Vincent, Anna came straight to the point. "At present, every investment is very important. You don't have to invest all the money in my project. The development of the Lu Group is the most important thing compared to my brand. I don't want to be a sinner to implicate the development of the Lu Group. Just let this project be dissolved."

With a gentle smile, Vincent held Anna's thin body in his arms and said, "don't be silly. No one can hurt my woman. No matter how hard it is for me, I can support a brand. Trust your man, I can give you what you want, and I can help you maintain your dream and realize it."

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