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   Chapter 158 The Power Of Public Opinion

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The blood in Anna's body was about to stop flowing. The newspaper said that she was a mean hostess of the HY Club, and said that she could only care about money, fame and fortune, and didn't put any charity into eyes. That was why she encouraged Vincent to buy cheap and almost expired daily necessities!

Anna became the biggest sinner!

Anna stepped back subconsciously and didn't know what to say!

When did she say that to Vincent? She knew it the day before she set out to the village!

Those people were talking nonsense! !

"Look, look, isn't she the woman in the newspaper?"

Many patients and nurses passed by her and pointed at her, "In my opinion, she is from a humble place and has no moral quality at all. It's her greatest fortune that Vincent can forgive her past and marry her without disliking her dirty body. But what about her? She even did something to embarrass Vincent, and even incited him to buy such cheap and useless products, which caused the Lu Group to fall into such a crisis. It's really unlucky for him to marry such a vicious man!"

"You are right! Don't you know who Vincent is? L City's prince charming! That man had a good character and personality. All the entrepreneurs in L City followed his lead. But the Lu Group is facing such a disaster after he just married her. I guess that Vincent will regret marrying such a jinx. His good image of hard management will be ruined in this way. He is really unlucky!

"In my opinion, this woman is really shameless. Look, how nice Vincent is to her. She has stayed in this hospital for so many times. Every time, Vincent took good care of her in front of her, but what about her? She doesn't give him honor and isn't loyal to Vincent. On the contrary, she even did such a shameless thing to Vincent. She is really an evildoer!"

Anna's heart was broken into pieces. She wanted to tell these people that she didn't order Vincent to do this. She didn't!

But how many people would believe her if she told them?

In everyone's eyes, she was always a humble hostess. No one

rcilessly, looking a little serious. "Say it again. If you dare to say it again, I'll remove your teeth!"

"Silly girl."

Wiping away her tears, Vincent held her in his arms and comforted her softly, "how could you say something like that? Fool, do you know why others gossip about you? It's not because you are not outstanding, but because you are too outstanding. They are jealous of you, so they deliberately slander your existence and want you to lose your original glory. If you fall into their trap and obey their will, you will be too stupid."


Raising her face again, Vincent continued, "don't say that again. Didn't I tell you? No matter what you are facing and what others say about you, the only thing you need to do is to keep a high self-confidence. Tell me, who can defeat you with me by your side? With me, you are invincible. How can you be discouraged and cry because of this little incident? This is not the attitude that Vincent's woman should hold."

Anna knew what Vincent had said, but it couldn't change her origin, the people's direct and indirect ridicule of her.

This was the last thing she could accept!

"Mr. Vincent! I found it out!"

But before she could say anything, Sean had rushed into the ward and shouted, "The newspaper that published the news was manipulated by Charley! That is to say, Charley did all of this!"

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