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   Chapter 157 Stir Again

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Anna didn't understand what Janet was talking about. What was out of control? How could Vincent be in danger?

"What are you talking about?"

The heart in her chest rose to her throat. Anna looked at Janet nervously and asked, "What's wrong with Vincent? Why was his life in danger? What happened?"

"You don't know?"

Janet was shocked. "Didn't you come back to L City for this? Don't you know what happened? Anna, are you out of your mind? How could you know nothing after such a big mess? As Vincent's wife, what have you done? How can you help him solve the problem like this? "

Anna didn't know what to say. She didn't want things to become like this because no one had told her what had happened!

"What happened?"

Looking at Janet sincerely, Anna said again, "I know I did something wrong, but please tell me what happened, okay?"

"This charity event -"


Vincent's growl interrupted Janet's words. He stared at her with his dark eyes. He walked towards her with a strong aura that almost crushed her. He said word by word angrily, "don't say anything you shouldn't say. Get out now!"


But this time, it was Anna who turned to be angry. She called him in a low voice. She felt wronged. She was his wife, but why didn't he tell her what had happened? Didn't she have the right to know?

Don't always let her be the last one to know the news!


Patting him on the shoulder, Harland sighed deeply. "Now that Janet has said it, just say it. Paper can't wrap fire. Sooner or later, Anna will know it."

Most importantly, Anna was already angry!


Vincent was very reluctant in his heart. He didn't want Anna to worry about him at all, but...

Well, well!

"There is something wrong with this charity activity."

Vincent walked up to Anna's bed and held her hand gently. "But it's not a big problem. Don't worry. I'll fix it soon. Just stay here and take care of yourself."

It wasn't a big problem?

Anna di

closer to the two of them.

"How could such news come out? Didn't I tell you yesterday to inform the public relations to block any rumors about it? Did you do it or not? !"

The hostility and anger in Harland's tone made Anna's heart skip a beat. 'What made him so angry?' she wondered.

"I've already informed them!"

Vincent's answer was also full of anger. He untied his tie irritably and looked into the distance. "It's obvious that someone is deliberately against us! They just want to take advantage of Anna, threaten me and make me yield to them!"

Anna's heart skipped a beat. Taking advantage of her?

What did he say?

"No matter what, the most important thing now is to suppress the news and go to find the person in charge of this newspaper. I'd like to see who is against us!"

Seeing that Harland was about to see her, Anna stepped aside in a hurry. Coincidentally, there was a trash can not far behind her, on which there was a newspaper that had been thrown away.

Anna's heart raced uncontrollably. Did the news on the newspaper annoy Vincent and Harland?

Slowly and hesitantly, she walked towards the newspaper. Anna saw the words on it, "the hostess misled Mr. Vincent of Lu Group, and distributed poisonous daily necessities to poor innocent villagers in order to make money and fame!"!

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