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   Chapter 152 Children's Evaluation

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No one had thought that Vincent would use the children to judge Anna's achievements. The villagers looked at each other, not knowing what to say. But the village head stood out and said to everyone, "Miss Anna lives in our house these days, and I have some contact her. In my opinion, Miss Anna is different from those dissolute women outside. We can't just deny what a person is doing now because of his past working environment. It's unfair to Miss Anna. Therefore, I agree with Mr. Lu. We can gather the children together and let them evaluate Miss Anna. Let's listen to what Miss Anna is like in children's eyes."

The villagers had no choice but to follow village head, Mr. Yang's order. After a while, the children from different families gathered in front of Mr. Yang's house. "Children, what do you think of Miss Anna?"

The village head kindly asked the children. These innocent children quickly replied, "Miss Anna is the best! Miss Anna is so beautiful! And she is so gentle! I like Miss Anna to teach us! Miss Anna is a good teacher. If I don't understand anything, she will tell me over and over again!"

"Miss Anna will teach me how to write if I can't write. Miss Anna's handwriting is very beautiful. I want to learn from Miss Anna. I want to write characters as beautiful as Miss Anna!"

"Miss Anna even sang for us! Miss Anna's song is the best I've ever heard! Miss Anna also encouraged us to study hard, and after entering the university, we should contribute to the society and our parents!"

"I like Miss Anna very much."

A young girl walked up to Anna and held her hand. Her innocent eyes were sincere and bright. "I haven't seen my mother since I was very young. It's Miss Anna who made me feel her love. She hugged me, sang for me, taught me knowledge, washed my face and braided my hair. No one has been so kind to me. I like her so much."

"Miss Anna, can you stay here for a few more days? I don't want you to lea

g deal. How old are you? How can you still sweat like the children? Don't you feel ashamed?"

Vincent knew how to enjoy life. With his eyes closed, he asked Anna to wipe the sweat off her forehead and said, "I'm just making plans for the future. I'll coax baby when we have a child in the future."

Hearing this, Anna's face darkened. Startled, Vincent slapped his mouth and grabbed Anna's hand to apologize, "honey, I'm sorry. I said something I shouldn't have said. It's all my fault. I'm sorry."

She must have thought of the miscarriage last time.

Anna forced a smile and withdrew her hand from Vincent's. "No, I'm fine. You don't have to apologize."

Somehow, when it came to the topic of baby, her heart would be particularly heavy.

They hadn't used any contraception when they had sex for several times, but why didn't she get pregnant?

She didn't want to wait until next year. She wanted to get pregnant with Vincent's child now...

Looking at her abject figure, Vincent felt a sharp pain in his heart. It seemed that she had also noticed it. It was not a good way to go on like this!

"My dear wife!"

With a broad smile, Vincent put his arm around Anna's shoulder and said, "how about we take a day off today? I'll take you to the farmland to play. How do you think?"

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