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   Chapter 151 Exposed Identity

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In fact, Janet was fine. She didn't want to see the affectionate relationship between Vincent and Anna, so she deliberately yelled. She looked at Vincent pitifully and said, "Vincent, can you help me apply the medicine? It hurts. If you apply medicine on me, I won't feel that pain."

Vincent was a little embarrassed. According to his temper, he wouldn't apply medicine to Janet. After all, there was a doctor here and he had a wife, but Janet...

"It doesn't matter. You can help Janet apply medicine."

Noticing the embarrassment on Vincent's face, Anna said. Then she walked out of the village head's house and headed for the kitchen.

She couldn't keep the wife of village head busy in the kitchen all the time. She had to help her.

"You are a good girl."

While picking the vegetables, Mrs. Village Head said, "you are one of the few urban girls I have ever seen who is not pretentious at all, unlike that girl who screams when she gets hurt. In fact, she does not hurt very seriously. Dr. Zhang has told us that she just sprained her ankle and will be fine after a rest. But look at her, she is still pretending to be pitiful in front of Mr. Lu. Such a girl..."

Anna smiled awkwardly. "Maybe she can't stand the pain."

"Why are you still defending her?"

Mrs. Village Head walked up to Anna and said, "can't you see that woman is seducing Mr. Lu? Miss Anna, be careful! Such a woman is the most cunning one. You have to watch over your Mr. Lu!"

Can even she see through Janet's mind?

Anna smiled awkwardly. "I see."

After dinner, Janet asked Vincent to take her back to her room like a spoiled child. Although he tried hard to control his emotions and took her back, he didn't want to take care of her any further. He said, either you bathe yourself, or I ask Mrs. Village Head to come over. You make your own choice and then go back to your room.

"Janet has gone too far!"

He complained to Anna in a huff, so she could only comfort him. "She's just a child. Don't lower yourself to the same level as her. Besides, she's been spoiled since childhood and has never suf

e wanted to improve the education condition here, and I have discussed with her to build a new school for your children and hire better teachers to let them enjoy a better education!"

Although he said so, the villagers still cared about Anna's identity very much. In a big city, people still looked at the hostess with dirty eyes, not to mention this small village?

Knowing that she wouldn't be forgiven and understood, Anna raised her lips bitterly. This was probably what Janet meant. She wanted to isolate her from the crowd and retreat from here so that she could be alone with Vincent here.

In that case, just follow her will.

However, before she could say anything, Vincent grasped her wrist firmly, with a strong light in his dark eyes. He was telling her to be strong, and he was telling her to be brave!

Anna was encouraged. No one had ever told her at such a moment that she should face it bravely. She had also asked herself why she had to escape? What Vincent said was true. Why did she leave here as Janet wished?

She wouldn't leave!

She held Vincent's hand firmly, which made him smile with satisfaction. Then he turned to the crowd and said, "The children have a good eye. The people who have contacted with Anna the most these days are the children. Ask them to stand out and decide whether Anna should stay here or leave. Let them evaluate Miss Anna in their eyes!"

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