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   Chapter 150 Elders' Request

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There was no blood relationship between Janet and Vincent?

Anna didn't understand. 'Aren't they cousins? How could they not be related by blood?'

Anna had been thinking about this for the whole morning. She was absent-minded and couldn't even focus on her lunch.

"What's wrong?"

Putting some food into Anna's bowl, Vincent asked, "Why are you so absent-minded? What happened?"

He had explained the relationship between him and Janet. Would there be anything that distracted her again?

"Anna maybe don't like the food here."

Before Anna could say anything, Janet said, "after all, you have been living a comfortable life. How can you bear this? Vincent, if sister doesn't want to stay here, just send her back. After all, we are here to work, not to take a holiday. Sister is weak. Don't hurt her body because of charity here. In that case, no one will be happy."

Janet's words embarrassed the village head and the others, and the cold face of Vincent immediately tightened. He glared at her with his eagle like sharp eyes and said viciously, "how can you talk so much? I'm asking your sister-in-law. Did I ask you? Who let you answer? Shut up! I didn't let you worry about her!"

Then she turned to look at Anna gently. Anna didn't want the village head and the others to misunderstand her. She nodded at Vincent and explained, "Please don't misunderstand me. I'm very used to this kind of life. I've grown up in such an environment since I was a child. I only miss this place and easily get used to it. I'm a little absent-minded because of my stomachache. You don't have to worry about me."

She stood up and left. Taking a few deep breaths, Vincent was worried about her and followed her out. He lowered his head and asked, "Is there anything unhappy? Or did Janet say something that she shouldn't have said? If that's the case, tell me. I'll talk to her. Janet has become more and more straightforward abroad after a few years. I'll teach her a lesson now!"


Anna stopped him in time. If he came forward again, it would only intensify the conflict between her and Janet. She smiled helplessly and said, "Actually, there's nothing important. Don't worry."

A clean hand wants no washing. Even if Vincent and Janet are n

the past few years, I have also fulfilled my elder brother's responsibility to send her abroad for further study and give her the best life. But I don't know since when, Janet has changed. I mean, her feelings for me have changed. I can feel that she is more dependent on me and more possessive than before. This is a feeling that shouldn't exist. I have talked to her, but she has always been stubborn. I think I should keep a distance from her and don't let you misunderstand or get angry. But because of uncle and aunt's instructions, I can't be too harsh to her, or leave her alone from now on. I just feel that I'm useless. Why do I always let you suffer such grievances? I..."

"It doesn't matter."

Before Vincent could finish his words, Anna touched his face very gently. Her eyes were soft, and a faint and quiet smile appeared at the corners of her mouth, which made Vincent feel at ease. "I understand. I can understand. After all, this is elders' request. You can't refuse it. Then we will take good care of her as uncle and aunt ask. I won't be angry or mind. Really. You don't have to consider my feelings. I can accept it."


Vincent felt warm in his heart, and his dark eyes were full of gratitude. "You are so kind."

Anna smiled slightly. Was she kind? She just didn't want to put Vincent in a dilemma. "Ah! !"

The sudden scream of Janet behind them made the two nervous. They rushed to the village head's room in a hurry. Vincent asked anxiously, "what's wrong?"

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