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   Chapter 149 A Mysterious Woman

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Anna had never expected that she would see such a scene! How could Vincent make friends with other women behind her back? How could this be!

This was not what Vincent could do!

Bearing her sadness, Anna turned off the light on her phone and went back to her room to sleep. Not long after she lay down, Vincent came back. But he didn't mean to wake her up. He just pulled the corner of the quilt for her and fell asleep again.

Anna's heart was broken into pieces again. Didn't he want to explain anything? Besides, did he just come in with the smell of perfume?

Had he ever thought about her feelings?

She hadn't slept for almost a whole night. On the second morning, when Vincent woke up, he saw the dark circles under Anna's eyes. He thought it was because she was too tired yesterday and didn't have a good rest. Touching her face, he asked, "Are you too tired? You can have a rest here today. I'll go to teach the children, okay?"

Anna was so angry that she didn't want to talk to Vincent. Stubbornly, she turned her head away from him. Frustrated, Vincent asked in a soft voice, "honey, what's wrong? Why are you angry with me? Did I do something wrong? If you tell me, I'll correct it."

Feeling wronged, Anna said to Vincent coldly, "I'm not your wife. You can call wife whoever you like. Leave me alone! It's none of your business!"

She ran out of the cottage angrily. After washing her face and rinsing her mouth, Anna was about to go out to look for kids when a beautiful woman walked into the village head's house with a happy smile. She walked past her and walked straight to Vincent behind her. "Vincent, I'm here! You got up so early! I thought you didn't get up and wanted to see how you were sleeping! "

Such an intimate address and conversation! Anna's heart was broken again. How could Vincent let his third party follow him to this place?

Hadn't he never considered her feelings?! !

Bearing the urge to cry, Anna ran out of the village head's house. Anna took a few deep breaths, but Vincent understood what was on her mind. 'Turns out she is jealous, ' he thought.

He led the wom


She asked the children to play themselves. Anna walked towards her and asked, "Janet, have you had breakfast? Are you still unhappy about what happened this morning? Don't be angry with Vincent. He has been so bad tempered in the past few years. I'll talk to him about it when I have the chance."

But Janet didn't accept her kindness. She looked up at her arrogantly and said, "Vincent wasn't like this before. He never spoke loudly to me. He loved me very much. It must be you who caused him to become like this. You must prevent him from treating me well. You are such a bad woman. How can you be so vicious?"

Anna didn't expect Janet to be so hostile to her! What's more, they had only met for two times, but she had such a serious misunderstanding of her! Did she look sinister? Funny!

"Janet, it's not what you think."

No matter what, Anna didn't want to ruin their relationship. She said to Janet calmly, "I didn't say anything bad about you. Before today, I didn't even know that you are Vincent's cousin. What can I say to him? You misunderstood me. I really want to..."

"Don't say that!"

Janet interrupted Anna directly. Raising her eyebrows, she said arrogantly, "I don't believe you at all! Besides, I won't let you take Vincent away from me! He is mine!"

When she got close to Anna, she smiled wickedly. "Anna, you don't know yet, do you? Vincent and I are not related by blood!"

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