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   Chapter 148 Charity Begins

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Anna's attention was immediately attracted by Vincent's words. Her dark eyes lit up. She asked excitedly, "really? Can I join the charity too? Can I really do it? "

"Why not?"

Vincent stroked her hair dotingly and said, "You can take part in this kind of thing as long as you want. The theme of this charity is to pay attention to stay-at-home children. If you want, we will set out tomorrow to go to the relatively backward village in L City to have a close contact with these children."


The reason why Anna was so happy was not only because she could do something meaningful, but also because she could get involved in public service and gradually replace Dora in this field!

Women were very jealous. Anna didn't want to be inferior to Dora in any field!

"We'll set out tomorrow!"

She stood up from the sofa excitedly. Apparently, Anna had already thrown the question that had been buried in her heart out of her mind. "I'm going to pack my things now!"

Vincent and Harland looked at each other. This little woman was so easy to be coaxed...

On the second day, Anna set out very early. She was very excited. "Darcy, Vincent and I will go out for a few days. Can you take care of my mother?"

In the passenger seat, Anna said to Darcy, "Call me if you need anything. I'll be back soon."

Darcy nodded. She didn't go back to the villa until she saw Vincent's car disappear from her sight. But as soon as she came back, she heard some movements from Carla's room. She immediately took out her phone and called Harland. "Doctor Qin, Anna and Vincent have left. Carla is not in a good condition. Why don't you take her straight to the hospital?"

"Okay, I'll be right there!"

On the other side, Anna, who was on her way, didn't know anything about this. She was so excited that she kept talking all the way, which made Vincent feel happy too. "I'm taking you to a remote area to do hard work. Why are you so happy?"

"Of course I'm happy!"

Anna said proudly, "I'm making contributions to the society. Of course I'm happy!"

Fine, fine. Vincent couldn't win, so he just

ame a volunteer teacher during my college!"

Anna understood. She had married a very kind husband!

The dinner was held at the village head's house. Cabbage and pickles were all home cooked dishes. Vincent was afraid that she couldn't get used to it, but she ordered several bowls of rice in succession. "You don't know, I grew up eating these when I was a child, and now I have a special feeling when I eat these. Don't mind me. Eat, it's delicious!"

Well, Vincent was defeated by her. After dinner, Vincent watched Anna take a bowl of Chinese medicine and then take care of her to sleep in the village head's house. Since he had been busy all day, Anna went to sleep soon and slept soundly. He looked at her affectionately for a long time. When he wanted to sleep, his phone vibrated. He looked at the caller ID and frowned. She?

Anna drank a lot of water before going to bed. When she wanted to go to the bathroom, she didn't see Vincent. She thought he was talking to the village head about the details of the charity, so she lit up her phone and walked out of the small room alone.

After coming out of the bathroom, she went back to her own room. She heard a man and a woman talking not far away. Anna didn't want to eavesdrop, but the man's voice was so similar to that of Vincent...

Getting closer, it was really him!

To Anna's surprise, Vincent was held by the woman in his arms! !

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