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   Chapter 145 Jealous

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Of course, Vincent noticed that there was something wrong with Harland. Seeing that he didn't want to continue the topic of Suzan, he walked up to Carla and said, "Mom, Anna and I are here to pick you up."

It had been a long time since Carla and Anna got along well with each other. Anna's attention was immediately attracted by what Vincent had said. She walked up to her, held her hand and said, "Mom, I'm sorry. I didn't take good care of you these days. I swear that I will take good care of you in the future."

Carla smiled amiably. She patted on the hands of Anna and Vincent and went back with them.

However, when she returned to the villa by the sea, Carla had already fallen asleep. Anna felt sorry for her. They hadn't seen each other for a long time, and she always felt that her mother's condition was getting worse and worse. What was wrong with her mother's health?


Carla was sleeping in her bedroom, but Anna heard her said a name in her dream. She couldn't help but frown. Who was Rose?

She had never heard of this name from her mother before.

With doubts in her mind, Anna couldn't bear to ask. Her mother looked tired and even her breath was faint. She didn't dare to irritate her at this time.

Walking to the balcony alone, Anna took out her phone and called Suzan. "Suzan, why are you back in such a hurry? What happened?"

Suzan was a little nervous and stuttered, "Nothing. I just want to come back all of a sudden. Anyway, you and Vincent have been married. What else do I have to do in L City? Well, that's it. So I'm back."

She was as flustered as Harland.

Anna frowned again. 'Did something happen between them?' she wondered.

"Well, I'll go to see you when I have time. Take good care of yourself there."

Suzan nodded repeatedly. The two of them chatted for a while before hanging up the phone. "What's wrong? You seem to be very worried and confused. What happened?"

When she walked out of the bedroom and came to the living room, Vincent had already washed the fruit for her. Seeing that she frowned tightly, he held her in his arms unconsciousl

moothly. If you have any questions, you can ask me at any time. Although I'm clumsy, I still have some experience in this respect."

Vincent smiled, "take care."

After sending Dora away, Vincent looked at the woman in his arms and asked, "Did I do well? Do you want to reward me?"

Anna sighed and rolled her eyes. "Reward?? I haven't questioned you yet! Why did you let Dora come into your office? Can't you negotiate on the phone? Why do you insist on seeing each other? If you wanted to see her so much? I think you still can't forget her. In that case, you can be with her!"

Vincent was speechless...

How could this woman say something like that! She really didn't know who was in his heart?

How dare she put such a charge on him? He would tickle her!

"Ah! Vincent! What are you doing! Stop! ha-ha! It itched! Vincent is a bad guy! Stop it! !"

Pressing her under him, Vincent squinted and said, "Dare you say that again? Huh? "

Anna begged again and again, "I won't say that. I won't say that anymore, okay?"

She thought that Vincent would let her go, but he lowered his body and approached her deliberately. He whispered in her ear in a low and sexy voice, "honey, I want..."

The sexy and deep voice instantly made Anna blush. She pushed Vincent away and said, "Go away. Here is the company! Don't do this! "

How could Vincent let her go? He had no resistance to her at all!

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