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   Chapter 144 Call Me Honey

Everlasting Love By Xiao Xiaosu Characters: 7071

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At Anna's wedding, Harland got drunk. She had never seen him in such a state before, and her heart was filled with bitterness.

"Vincent... You have to promise me... You must be good to Anna... "

After the banquet, all the guests left. Only Harland sat on the chair and held Vincent's hand tightly. His drunk eyes seemed to be filled with faint tears. He choked again and again, "do you know... How many years have I been in love with Anna? The only woman I have loved in my life is her... Now she married you... You have to promise to be good to her... He could only be good to her... Swear!"

Vincent nodded deeply and held Harland's hand tightly to make a promise. "Don't worry. The only woman I love in my life is also Anna. I swear that I will be good to her. I will only be good to her and won't let her suffer any more grievances!"

Harland choked with sobs again. His hot tears almost fell down. At last, Anna motioned for Suzan to take him away. "Harland is drunk. Send him back. Take good care of him and don't let him drink anymore."

Suzan nodded bitterly. She smiled awkwardly and helped Harland out of the hall slowly.

Was it possible for her to fall in love with Harland all her life?

During the wedding, Vincent also drank a lot. When Sean drove the two of them back to the seaside villa, Anna thought that she would see Darcy after entering the villa. But she didn't see no one else in the house. Confused, Anna was about to ask, but before she could say anything, Vincent had already held her in his arms, lying on the sofa and holding her tightly with all his strength. "I don't want anyone to disturb us."

Being held so tightly, Anna felt a little out of breath. But seeing that Vincent was so dependent on her, she couldn't refuse him. "What's wrong? You seem unhappy."

Vincent wouldn't behave like this.

But as soon as she finished speaking, she felt a hot tear drop on her shoulder. Anna was stunned for a moment, and then she heard Vincent sobbing behind her. "Anna... Anna... Honey... I finally married you. I'm so happy, really happy... I've never been so happy in my l

owned. What did he mean?

"Haven't I been discharged from the hospital? Why should I still drink this?"

Vincent pretended to be calm and said, "You are too weak and need a lot of nutrition. This herbal meal is very nutritious for your women's bodies. Drink it for a period of time to recuperate, and give me a baby next year."

Anna didn't want to drink it, but when she thought of the baby, she swallowed it.

"It tastes so terrible!"

Frowning, Anna complained, "Is it really herbal food? It is Chinese medicine, isn't it?"

"No matter what it is, you have to drink it!"

Vincent touched the tip of Anna's nose and held her hand again. "Let's go to the Harland's house to pick up our mother. We can't let her live in someone else's house. It's inappropriate!"

Anna agreed with him. She bought a lot of fresh fruit on the way to Harland's house. When she arrived, she found that Suzan had left last night, leaving her a note. "Anna, I'm leaving. Don't worry!"

Confused, Anna frowned. 'Why was Suzan in such a hurry?' she wondered. She had promised that she would leave a few days later!

"Harland, is there anything urgent with your friends? Why did Suzan leave so soon?"

Harland, who had always been gentle and steady, was a little nervous when he answered Anna's question. He stammered, "er... Yes, there seems to be something wrong. I don't know... Well, I don't know clearly... "

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