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   Chapter 143 Wedding

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Even if he was hospitalized, Vincent had been preparing for his wedding with Anna. After Anna got better, he immediately sent invitation to all the celebrities in L City.

"No matter what happens --"

Before they got married, Carla, who had been living in the Harland's house, held Anna's hand and said, "It's the happiest thing in your life that Vincent can marry you. You should learn to cherish him. As for Dora, the less contact you have with her, the better. You finally have him. You don't have to care too much about her."

Anna nodded with a smile, but she didn't think so in her heart.

Her mother didn't know the real reason for her miscarriage, and she wouldn't let her mother bear such hatred for her, but she would definitely avenge herself for killing her son!

"Aunt may not attend your wedding."

Rosa had also talked to Anna, "after all, Dora is my daughter. If I attend your wedding, it's inevitable that she will feel uncomfortable and let others gossip. Before you officially recognize me as your godmother, I don't want to destroy your reputation."

Anna's image had just been changed. If she was too close to her at this time, it was inevitable that people would gossip about her.

Holding Rosa's hand again and again, Anna knew what she meant. But she couldn't utter a word that she was willing to recognize her as her godmother.

She knew better than anyone that Rosa treated her well. What about her? For what reason she was willing to be her sworn daughter?


No, she couldn't. It was unfair to Rosa.

In the end, she just silently watched Rosa, who was a little disappointed, walk out of the villa by the sea. A faint sadness grown in her heart.

If there was a afterlife, she was willing to be her daughter.


Soon, the wedding day came. Vincent chose the grandest way to get married to Anna. There were nearly a hundred wedding cars in total, and the long queue was particularly eye-catching. When the noble Rolls-Royce stopped in the most expensive seven star hotel in L City, there were many reporters surrounding the beautiful Anna.

"Anna, you're so beautiful!"

When Suzan

audience elegantly and reserved, "Hello, everyone. I'm Dora. I think many people here know me. Yes, I'm Vincent's ex-girlfriend and the woman who was engaged to him. But why didn't I marry him here today? I think you may also know the answer. It's because of my insidiousness, because of my narrow mindedness, because I have done something unforgivable to Anna, and because of all these, I have missed my marriage."

"I think everyone will make the same decision to give up on me like Vincent. I have nothing to say. But today I come here sincerely to say sorry to the new couple. I have deeply realized my mistakes, my stupidity and viciousness. I regret that I have done such a thing! I'm not a human being. I don't dare to ask for the forgiveness of Vincent and Anna, but I will send my most sincere wishes. I sincerely hope that you two can be happy, grow old together and become the most enviable existence."

After saying that, she gave an affectionate look at Vincent and walked out under the gaze of the crowd, leaving the guests off the stage discussing.

"Ignore her."

Apparently, Vincent hadn't forgiven her yet. He put his arm around Anna's shoulder and said, "from now on, I won't have anything to do with this woman."

Anna nodded. She believed in Vincent, but why did she feel uneasy all the time?

She always believed that Dora would never give up on Vincent easily.

Dora, what the hell are you planning!

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