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   Chapter 142 She Doesn't Deserve To Be Cherished

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It was not the first time that Sean had received such a task. But before he could walk up to Dora, he was stopped by Anna. "Let me do it."

Sean saw Anna walk past him and walk towards Dora. She said in an imposing manner, "you're right. Vincent is proposing to me. What's wrong? Would you like to join in? After all, in this life, Vincent will only propose to me. If you miss this proposal, you will never see him propose to anyone."

Dora bit her lower lip, her whole body trembling slightly. Tears were welling up in her eyes, which made her look particularly pitiful. But no one present sympathized with her, nor did anyone believe her. Vincent walked to Anna and held her in his arms. "Honey, don't get too close to her. Such a person doesn't deserve to be cherished. What should we talk about with her? Let her go. Let's continue."

However, Anna said with a mocking smile. "How can I forget Miss Lin? She is our distinguished guest."

Walking up to Dora, Anna, as enthusiastic as she used to be, took her hand and said, "Miss Lin, I know you still love Vincent. It doesn't matter. I allow you to get close to Vincent. No matter what, without you, I can't marry him. It's all your fault that we can be together. I have to thank you."

Holding her hand, Anna continued, "Have you seen the wedding dress? Vincent designed it for me. Is it beautiful? You must like it very much, but what should I do? Vincent just designed one for me. Will you be jealous and stop playing with me? In that case, I will be very sad. I still take you as my own sister."

Dora lowered her head, trying to hold back her emotions. How could Anna let her go so easily? Leaning close to her ear, Anna said in a voice that could only be heard by the two of them, "do you know that the evils we bring on ourselves are the hardest to bear? You are the best example. Dora, at the beginning, I didn't dare to expect to marry Vincent, but what you did proved that no zuo no die. Since you took the initiative to give him to me, I won't refuse. Wait and see. I will be happy with him, I will marry him and have my own child, and I will beco

n as possible!"

Anna and Vincent looked at each other. Both of them knew how hard it was for Harland to wish them happiness. But their happiness wouldn't let him down!

The four raised their glasses, but Anna's eyes were suddenly occupied by some people else. The people standing not far away from them were Charley and Mandy!

When did they get together?

"What a coincidence!"

Charley walked up to Harland and Vincent, held Mandy's arm and greeted, "Hello, Mr. Vincent, Mr. Harland. Long time no see."

By instinct, Anna became vigilant. However, Vincent patted her hand to let her relax. He stood up and shook hands with Charley. With a standard smile, he greeted, "Hello, Mr. Charley."

After the two exchanged a few words, Charley pushed Mandy towards Anna and others. "Mandy, why don't you say hello to your good friend?"

Anna's blood began to flow in her body. 'Are they really together?' she wondered.

"Hello, Miss Anna."

Such a strange tone made Anna respond coldly, "hello."

She really didn't want to talk to anyone who betrayed her and Addy!

Fortunately, Charley didn't stay long at their table. After the two of them left hand in hand, Suzan couldn't help but ask, "Anna, what's going on? Why is Mandy with Charley? Didn't she hate him the most?"

Anna didn't say anything, but she wanted to know the answer too!

Mandy, why did you hang out with such a man? Why! !

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