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   Chapter 141 Proposal

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Under the care and comfort of Vincent and Harland, Anna was getting better and better. Although she couldn't do strenuous exercise, she was in a better mental state. When Rosa knew that she woke up, she often came to talk to her, making her better day by day.

One day, when she was taking a walk with Vincent in the hospital, Anna couldn't help asking, "Why does Aunt Rosa treat me so well?"

Vincent frowned and looked a little serious, but he quickly said, "because you are my wife!"

'How could he be so narcissistic?' Anna wondered.

However, after this incident, she really wanted to take Rosa as her godmother. Wasn't she bullied by Dora just because she didn't have money and power?

That woman had taken away her most precious son. Why couldn't she give her a dose of her own medicine? She wanted to take everything from her!


However, before she could finish her plan, she heard a familiar female voice behind her. Anna turned around and saw Suzan!

"Suzan! Is that really you, Suzan! It's really you!"

They hadn't seen each other for a long time. Suzan had cut her long black hair. Now her hair was only left at the root of her ear, but she was surprisingly good-looking. Holding Suzan's arm tightly, Anna was too happy. "When did you come back? Why didn't you tell me in advance? It's great that you can come back! Suzan, I miss you so much!"

So did Suzan! But when she saw that Anna's face was still a little pale, she couldn't help but apologize, "I'm sorry, Anna. I didn't protect you when you were in trouble. It's all my fault. Please don't blame me for coming to see you so late. I really couldn't spare more time."

Anna didn't care about it at all. It would be nice as long as she could come to see her!

"Don't say that anymore. It's all over. I don't want to think about it anymore. But you, how are you recently? How are you doing? Has Harland been nice to you? Did you get along well? Have you learned your skills? "

They had a lot to talk about when they met. Anna was so excited that she didn't notice that Vi

ding dress must be very expensive! Vincent cares about Anna so much!"

"It's the happiest thing in the world to be able to wear such a wedding dress. This couple is so enviable! I envy Anna so much!"

People's discussion made Anna smile. She also thought that meeting Vincent was the most beautiful accident in her life!

"Thank you."

Anna looked at Vincent excitedly. Her heart was filled with happiness. She remembered everything he had done for her. She would love him in return.

"From now on, don't say thanks to me."

Kissing Anna's forehead affectionately, Vincent held her in his arms and said, "Because everything I have done for you is what I should do. Honey, I love you. I'm willing to give you all the good things in the world as long as you like them and as long as you are happy."

Tears streamed down Anna's cheeks again...

She was satisfied.

However, the noisy ward suddenly calmed down. Before Anna could figure out what was going on, she heard a trembling voice. "Vince, are you proposing to Anna?"

By instinct, Anna came up with an idea. She looked back from Vincent and saw Dora's pitiful face.

"What I am doing has nothing to do with you."

Vincent's cold aura suddenly spread out. He glared at Sean with his gloomy eyes and said, "Drive the irrelevant people out! I, Vincent, won't let anyone shameless get close to my woman!"

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