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   Chapter 140 Crazy Jealousy

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After Anna finished her words, there was a long silence in the ward.

It turned out that Anna knew everything.

With a mocking smile at the corners of Mandy's mouth, she sat on her seat and kept nodding. "Yes, you are right. I arranged everything. I am jealous of you. I am so jealous of you. I just can't understand why all the good things are occupied by you alone?"

Looking at Anna's haggard face with her bright eyes, Mandy frowned slightly. "We entered HY Club in succession and worked for Addie. But why did she only take care of you and not allow you to sleep with those men? Why did she ask me to cater to those disgusting men? Is it because I wasn't virgin before I entered HY Club? It was unfair! It was unfair, Anna! You entering HY Club was also for work! You should also go to accompany those disgusting men!"

Until now, when it came to the past, Mandy still felt indignant. "I can't stand the unfairness of Addie, but I can't stand the love of Vincent for you. You are right. I have already known the existence of this man. I have fallen in love with him crazily. I have tried every means to get close to him. After waiting for so long, I finally waited for him to come to HY Club. I really want to seize this opportunity to get close to my prince charming! Before Jack found you, I even wanted you to leave, but Jeff appeared and ordered you to accompany him. Do you know how much I hated you at that time? Why did you take such a good opportunity? Why? "

"But I didn't think you would sleep with Vincent. But on the second day, you came back with a lot of hickeys! My heart was broken! Didn't you never sleep with those guests? Why did you take my man away? I fell in love with him first! Why did you take my man? "

"I was very emotional, but I comforted myself again and again. I believe that Vincent was just playing with you, and you had no choice but to yield to this man. But in the following period of time, you were with him every day, and then you even lived with him and moved away from me! Do you know how sad I was at that time? I was jealous! Everything that belongs to you should originally belong to

She forced a smile and looked up at Harland. "Harland, who are you talking about? I don't know her."

She would never forgive someone who had personally sent her son to hell.

Even if she was reluctant.

Not long after Harland left, Vincent woke up. He looked around with his dark eyes and seemed a little confused. When he saw Anna standing in front of his bed, his eyes became focused. "Anna..."

However, to his surprise, Anna slapped him across the face. Tears streamed down her cheeks. "Vincent, you bastard! Who ask you to commit suicide? Why did you do that! Have you ever thought about my feelings? What if you really leave me? What should I do? !"

She was really worried when his blood kept falling.

Vincent felt sorry for her, but he was happy that Anna was finally willing to speak. He slowly raised his hand and was about to hold her hand, but she shook it and walked out. "Aren't you going to commit suicide? Just do it! Anyway, you have handed me over to Harland. I'm going to find him! I don't want to see you anymore!"

How could Vincent agree? Regardless of the wound on her body, he stood up in a hurry and tried to grab Anna. The wound was torn, and the bright red blood quickly dyed the gauze red. Anna was so worried that she came back and asked if he was okay. Vincent pulled her into his arms and said affectionately, "as long as you're still here, I'm fine. Honey, I miss you so much."

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