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   Chapter 137 Kill You

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Almost the whole night, Vincent sat in the same position next to Anna. There was an unspeakable sadness in his heart. No matter what he said, she didn't respond at all. He didn't know what to do. He really didn't know...

In the morning, seeing that she gradually fell asleep, Vincent quietly walked out of the ward. He had wanted to talk to Harland about the condition of Anna, but when he opened the door, he saw Dora's face.

Dora was happy to see Vincent. She had been staying in the hospital these days and had never been so close to him. But when she looked at the wedding dress in the ward, her expression changed and she felt sad.

Did he prepare this for Anna?

He hadn't selected a wedding dress for her when they were engaged.

"Vince, I heard that Anna has woken up, hasn't she?"

Although Dora felt sad, she still asked with a smile, "let me see her, okay? I know it's all my fault. Let me apologize to her and sincerely say sorry to her, okay?"

Vincent was disgusted with this woman. How could she be everywhere? She was annoying!

Beep! Beep! Beep

At the same time, the ECG monitor of Anna rang. He turned around and found that she was short of breath. Vincent's heart tightened. He pushed Dora out and slammed the door again. "Anna!"

Vincent walked quickly to her, bent over and whispered, "I've driven Dora away. She won't show up. She won't appear in front of you again, neither will she hurt you. Don't be angry, okay?"

The baby slipped from her body after five months' pregnancy, causing serious damage to her body. Therefore, even a few days after the operation, Anna was still using an ECG monitor to monitor her body.

However, no matter what Vincent said, Anna's condition was still not stable. Moreover, he found that the white bed sheet had been dyed red by the blood flowing from her body. With his heart in his throat, he took out his mobile phone, trembling. "Harland! Where are you! Come here! Come here! Something happened to Anna! !"

His voice was full of sobs. He held Anna's hand in fear, tears


Harland sighed deeply, "It's not just bad..."

It was the most brutal way to make her miscarry, which caused serious damage to Anna's uterus. The bleeding just now was also because the condition of her uterus was not stable. If this continued...

"Anyway, you have to be mentally prepared for the long term."

Taking a meaningful look at Vincent with his amber eyes, Harland said, "it may be difficult for Anna to open her heart again, and her mood will be more unstable in the future. All of us have to pay special attention to her every move."

He would never allow Anna to enter the same path with Addy.

Vincent looked serious. Even Harland said something like that... "No matter what, I won't give up on Anna. I'll try my best to make her recover."

This was his promise and he had to keep it.

It was the second day that Anna woke up again, but no matter what Vincent said to her, she didn't respond. This situation had lasted for several days. Vincent couldn't bear her to go on like this. He couldn't bear to see her empty eyes, so he held her hand and said, "Anna, do you remember what I told you before? I said I would protect you and our baby with my own life, but I didn't make it. Now I'll fulfill my promise and compensate my life to you. I won't let my baby leave so lonely. I owe you, and I'll return all the things I owe you today!"

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