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   Chapter 83 Enhancing The Fun

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Anna didn't expect it to be her. She frowned in confusion and asked, "How could it be Addie? She said she wouldn't let Suzan go. Vincent, what happened?"

"Do you still remember Webb?"

Anna nodded, "Webb's company has been in L City for at least ten or twenty years. Charley has acquired his company before he could gain a firm foothold in L City. Do you think there is anything wired about it?"

Of course, Anna felt that there was a secret involved. She even felt that this matter had something to do with Addy.

"When I saw Addy and Webb together at the charity party, I thought Charley was going to do something to him."

Putting his palms together on the desk, Vincent said coldly and calmly, "so I have arranged someone to secretly monitor their every move in advance, and the one who did the same thing with me is Harland. Although he is a doctor, he is also very scheming. We two exchanged the information we collected and found the evidence of Charley's crime."

"These evidences can only be collected with Addy's help. Charley is too careful and it's not easy to deal with him. That's why I said that in fact, it's Addy who exposed Charley's weakness to us. That's why we have his evidence in our hands and asked him to give up his plan on that land, and at the same time let him pay twenty million compensation to Suzan."

Anna nodded. No wonder Vincent was so confident last night. It turned out that he had already been on guard against Charley!

"Will these evidences be disadvantageous to Addie?"

Anna couldn't help asking. After all, she had helped her a lot before. She couldn't just leave her behind.

"If Addy gets involved in Charley's plan, she will definitely get herself in trouble."

Vincent said, "But for the sake of her taking care of you, I don't intend to hurt her for the time being. But if she still collude with Charley next time, I will never let her go."

Anna bit her lips and remained silent. She hoped that thi

, he was already cooking for her in the kitchen.

Looking at his broad and strong back, Anna really wanted to cry. She restrained her emotions and walked to his back, hugging him from behind. In a trembling voice, she asked, "Is it okay to always live here? Won't Dora notice it? "

Vincent put down the tools in his hand and wrapped her white and tender hands with his broad palms. "It's not normal if I don't come here all the time. Don't worry. I know what I'm doing. You must be tired after staying in the hospital for so long. Go to have a rest first. I'll call you as soon as I finish cooking."

However, Anna didn't want to. She held him tightly and rubbed his broad back. "Vincent why are you so good to me? Do you know how touched I am? You have done so many things behind me without telling me, and I almost shed tears today."

However, Vincent smiled gently and said frankly, "Isn't it a matter of course to do this for you? You are my woman. Who should I be good to if I don't treat you well?"

Anna was so touched that her hands trembled when she put her hand into Vincent's clothes. She remembered what Suzan had said...


Vincent's heart raced faster and faster with Anna's action. Was she giving him a hint? In this case, he turned around and carried her in his arms upstairs...

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