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   Chapter 82 The Best Revenge

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Hearing this, Anna's heart skipped a beat. 'Bad news! So, even Vincent couldn't handle Charley?' she wondered.

Flustered, she didn't dare to look at Suzan. With a forced smile, Anna asked, "What did you say? Charley has already let go of her? I know you are the best. Did you hear that, Suzan? Vincent said that he had already defeated Charley. He said that Charley wouldn't harass you again. Come down quickly. We will be free from now on!"

Suzan was unwilling to buy it. "No, you are both lying to me. It's not easy for Charley to compromise. You are both lying to me!"

"She didn't lie to you."

When Suzan was agitated, Harland walked into her sight. He was still so gentle and unhurried. When his long figure came to her, he reached out his hand and said, "I went with Vincent when he went to deal with business. The negotiation went smoothly. Not only did he get the freedom for you, but also asked Charley to pay you a large amount of compensation. From now on, you have things you want. You are rich, you have us, and I promise you that I will use the most advanced medical skills to let you have your own flesh and blood in your life."

Under the sun, he was upright and modest. His handsome eyebrows and warm eyes could influence the emotions of Suzan. He reached out his hand to her again and again, and then he said, "Give your hand to me. I'm willing to be responsible for the rest of your life."

Suzan was on the verge of breaking down. Tears kept falling down, and her whole body was even trembling. She slowly squatted down and cried hysterically. "I really... Can I really have my own child... Can I really be a mother... Boo... Hoo Can I really... Can I really be a mother... "

Anna couldn't help but burst into tears. She hugged Suzan, who was held down by Harland, and held her frail body tightly. "Silly girl, Harland has promised you. What are you still suspecting? It is Harland's promise. Has he ever broken his promise? Suzan, did you see that? Your good days are coming. You can finally be happy!"

Just now, Harland said that he would be responsible for the rest of Suzan's life. Therefore, Suzan would never be bullied again!


s morning?"

She hung up the phone as soon as Harland arrived. She didn't have time to listen to him, which made her panic the whole morning.

Walking to a corner, Anna asked cautiously, afraid that Suzan would hear her. "Didn't you get rid of Charley? Then why did Harland say that your negotiation went well? What happened? What bad news? Tell me now."


Vincent's handsome face turned red and he felt a little embarrassed. "Well, in fact, I'm joking with you."

After the negotiation with Charley, he wanted to ask for credit from Anna, so he made a joke and set up a suspense on purpose. But he didn't expect that Suzan was jumping off the building at that time. He regretted and said, "Aha, let's not talk about it anymore."

He almost ruined his wise image in his life!

Anna gritted her teeth in hatred. Did he know that her heart was about to jump out of her throat when she heard there was a bad news? Can't you change a proper time?! How obtrusive he was!

"I despise you so much, Vincent!"

Raising her middle finger at him, Anna continued, "Then how did you get rid of Charley? Why is he so obedient to you? You just let him go and he followed your order? Ana he is willing to pay twenty million dollars as compensation for Suzan? You are awesome!"

Restraining his impulse to show off, Vincent said seriously, "I didn't make much effects on this matter, but Addy has handed Charley's biggest leverage to us."

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