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   Chapter 81 Jumping Off A Building

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Anna really believed that Vincent was a magical man. She couldn't solve the problem even if she scratched her scalp, but he could solve it easily here. Resting her head on his chest, Anna admired him and said, "Anna, you're awesome."

As long as he was with her, all the pressure could be returned to zero. This feeling was good.

But the man held her little hand in return, lowered his head and whispered in her ear, "You are quite satisfied now? What will you do in the future then?"

Anna was stunned. When she realized what he really meant, she almost spat out a mouthful of blood. Couldn't he be serious?

Turning her body to ignore him, Anna said, "I'm going to bed."

If she continued to talk to him, something bad would happen!

But Vincent quickly followed her and put his hand above her heart. "This is your heart. I'll hold it for you."

Anna smiled warmly, closed her eyes and enjoyed the warmth of his palm. It was so good to have him beside.

But when she woke up the second morning, Vincent was no longer by her side. Beside her was the note he had left on the bedside table to remind her to have a good meal. There was a new phone on it. Anna was confused. Why did he leave her a phone?

After breakfast, Anna went to the hospital to visit Carla first and asked the nurse who was checking on the ward. It was true that no strange person had come to bother her mother recently, and her mother's condition had stabilized step by step. Then she walked towards Suzan's ward with relief.

However, when she arrived at the ward, she didn't see Suzan. Stunned, Anna grabbed the arm of a nurse and asked, "Where is the patient on this bed?"

The nurse was also confused. "She's here just now. Why did she disappear in a blink of an eye? Let me help you find her."

A sense of uneasiness came over her. Anna quickly dialed Suzan' number, feeling that something bad would happen. Beep... Beep... Suzan didn't answer the phone all the time, and Anna couldn't hear the ringtone nearby. So where on earth was Suzan?

"Hey, have you heard

control me to make you yield? I won't let him get what he wants. As long as I die and I disappear from this world, no one will force you to do anything you don't want to do. Doesn't it sound good? Ha ha, I should have done it a long time ago. It's a mistake for me to live. Otherwise, why do I always encounter unhappy things? I should have died a long time ago. Hahaha, I should have accompanied Sammie and my child!"

She opened her arms and enjoyed the autumn breeze. With a relieved look, she said, "Anna, thank you for being with me at the last moment of my life. I feel warm in the world, but this warmth is not enough to support me to continue this life. I'm sorry. I'm leaving now. I'll continue to bless you in heaven. Wish you and Vincent be happy. I hope everyone around you will be happy."

She leaned backwards on purpose, but Anna shouted in a panic, "Wait, Suzan!"

She hurriedly took out her vibrating phone from her pocket and pointed the screen at Suzan. "Look, it's from Vincent! He said he had a way to deal with Charley. Now he called. He must have brought us good news!"

She slid the answer key and asked anxiously, "Vincent, how is it going? How is everything going with you? Has Charley given up on torturing Suzan?"


After a long silence, there was a deep voice of Vincent sounded on the phone, "I have a bad news to tell you."

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