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   Chapter 80 You Are My Business

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This was the first time that Charley had a real talk with her. Anna was quite nervous. "Miss Anna, if you don't want Suzan to be caught and sentenced, do as I said."

The alarm rang in Anna's heart. She hated Charley's tone very much. She felt alert and disgusted. "Charley, just give up. I won't do as you say. I have nothing to say to you!"

When she was about to hang up the phone, Charley's low voice came to her ears again, "Then you just wait to see Suzan go into prison. I am a famous person in L City. Even if Harland and Vincent help Suzan with their connections, she can't escape from the jail. After all, I have powerful evidence. In the police's eyes, Suzan is guilty."

"But as long as you are willing to do as I say, I can withdraw the accusation. As long as I withdraw the accusation, it is useless even if Addy insists on appealing to the higher authorities for help. After all, I am the victim, and my opinion is more important than everyone else. Moreover, as long as you are willing to do as I say, I can guarantee you not to harass Suzan. I can let her have a stable life for the rest of her life. If so, do you want to think about it?"

Anna fell into silence. Every word Charley said was a trap, but she couldn't help being attracted by it!

This was the only chance for Suzan to get rid of jail! How could she give up so easily?

"What do you want me to do?"

Anna sat alone in a corner of the hospital for a long time. She didn't know she had been out long until she was found by Harland in a hurry. "Anna, what's wrong? You don't look good. What happened?"

Anna smiled bitterly and sighed, "Nothing important. Is Suzan okay now? Is she still in a stable mood?"

Harland nodded, "You don't have to worry about that. She will be fine since someone is watching her. But why don't you go back for so long? Didn't the talk go well? Addy was still unwilling to let it go? Did you sorry for Suzan and dare not to go back?"

Shrugging her shoulders, Anna nodded. Then she raised her lips and said, "Harland, do you think I'm useless? Why could I even fai

. Although he is not as important as you in L City, he is sinister and vicious. They have the disadvantageous evidence against Suzan in their hands. If you can't hold his accurately and defeat him with one move, you'd better not make a move saucily. I'm afraid that he will hurt Suzan again. She is already very pitiful. I don't want her to be hurt again."


Vincent sighed helplessly and pulled her face a little hard. "You have been with me for so long. Why are you still so softhearted? Suzan shouldn't have been the leverage for them to threaten you. You are my girl. What you should care about most is your own safety, but what did you do? Today, offend everyone for Mandy today and Suzan tomorrow. I'm telling you, Anna. Fortunately, I, Vincent, have a crush on you. Otherwise, anyone else can't protect you!"

'Oh, my God! Why do I want to laugh? Is he praising himself indirectly?' Anna thought.

"My Lord Vincent, I know you are the best. Please try to save Suzan. She is my best friend. If you can save her, I will treat you as my benefactor!"

Vincent's black eyes suddenly turned green and greedily looked at the little woman in his arms, "So, you are sending me the invitation?"

Anna almost spat out a mouthful of blood. 'Why does he change the topic when I am with him?' she wondered. "Vincent, let's get down to business first!"

"You are my business!"

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