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   Chapter 79 Scheming Of A Woman

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It was the first time that Anna felt so good to have power. Just as Harland made a phone call, the group of staff in uniform left the ward. Suzan felt moved, forced a smile at Anna and Harland, and said, "It's the first time that someone has been so concerned about my business since I was a child. It's so nice to meet you both."

Anna held her hand tightly and said, "Don't be afraid, Suzan. With Harland and I here, we won't let you suffer injustice."

Then Anna turned to look at Harland and asked expectantly, "Am I right, Harland? You won't let those people bully and wrong Suzan, will you?"

With a slight frown and an embarrassed look on his face, Harland said, "Of course I will try my best to buy time for her. I also believe that she is innocent. But now the problem is that Addy has been entangling with her. If she insists on going against Suzan and insists on filing a case for investigation, I won't be able to protect her for long.

As you know, the law enforcement is transparent now, and the masses have the right to make an appeal. If Addy can't see that Suzan is sentenced, she is likely to take an extreme way. If the matter escalates, it will be difficult to deal with. Therefore, if we want to solve this matter, we have to either persuade Addy and Charley to give up reporting the case, or quickly find evidence to prove Suzan's innocence so that she wouldn't fall into such passive position for too long."

With a frown, a tinge of worry appeared in Anna's eyes. Addy was indeed a resourceful person. If she really insisted on this matter, the situation might be very bad for Suzan.

"At present, every powerful evidence for Suzan to change her situation has been distorted by Addie."

Resting her chin on her slender fingers, Anna frowned. "The only way is to have a face-to-face talk with Addie and Charley. I'll handle it. I must persuade Addie to change her mind!"

She had long wanted to have a good talk with Addy!

In a relatively quiet place of the hospital, Addy lit a lady's cigarette but di

erson. He doesn't have any feelings for you. No matter how much you have done for him, even if you die, he won't feel sorry for you. Why do you have to twist your personality for such a person?

Addie, you shouldn't have done that. You shouldn't have slandered a poor and innocent person. Your conscience will be condemned because of this! Stop it. Suzan is innocent. Don't continue to frame her. She has already had a hard time. Can't you let her go? Even if I beg you? Don't hurt Suzan any more. Just let her live the rest of her life peacefully, okay? She has lost the right to be a mother. If you are still so aggressive, wouldn't she be pitiful? And wronged? Addie, you can't do this! You can't!"

Addy surely understood everything Anna said. But love was selfish. In order to get back to Charley, she didn't hesitate to be a shameless and despicable person!

She only wanted Charley!

"Stop. I won't change my mind. Suzan must go into prison. I won't be softhearted!"


Watching her receding figure, Anna felt she couldn't do anything. Was it real that there was no turning back? Was Suzan really going to be caught and sentenced as a sinner?

No, she didn't want such an end for Suzan. She didn't want it!

Grabbing her hair in distress, Anna felt aggrieved. At this moment, her phone rang. It was Charley. "What do you want?"

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