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   Chapter 77 Having Great Aspiration With Bad Luck

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Three days later, Suzan came to her senses again. When she opened her eyes, she saw the worried look on Anna's face. She smiled and asked, "Anna, am I still alive?"

Tears streamed down Anna's cheeks. She had endured it for a long time, but she finally broke down. Tears streamed down her cheeks. "Suzan, you're such a fool! Why didn't you tell me you were pregnant!? Why didn't you tell me? "

Later, she learned the truth from Addy that Suzan was pregnant. In order to keep the baby, she was even willing to temporarily let go of her hatred towards Charley. However, only caring about his benefits, Charley only knew that more and more men needed her company, not caring about the life or death of her baby.

Suzan kept begging Charley to give her a stable period for the sake of her baby. How could he agree? Thinking that the baby in her belly had hampered his future development, he arranged an abortion operation for Suzan. But Suzan didn't want to do that. Unexpectedly, Charley punched and kicked her, and she suffered a lot. Suzan was almost forced to death, so she took out a dagger that was prepared early and stabbed it into Charley's chest.

"Anna, why do you think my life is so miserable?"

It was the first time that Suzan had opened her heart to someone, and the first time that she had cried for herself. With her trembling voice, she held Anna's hand tightly. "I just want to keep my baby. I just want to have another person in the world who is related to me by blood. Is it wrong? I don't want to be so lonely anymore, you know? I just don't want to be alone. Why can't he accept this request? Why? Why did he do this to me? Why? Why did he make me suffer so much? Why? Why? Why? "

Every question made Anna's heart ache. She had asked herself these questions when she was most helpless, but who could give her the answer?

This was fate, this was fate!

"Suzan, I won't let you go back to Charley. I won't let anyone hurt you anymore. From now on, we are living together, and I will protect you!"

Suzan's tears silently

nless you choose to give up. Suzan, cheer up. As long as you are willing to live, you won't be abandoned by fate. Both Anna and I will give you the most help and care. You are a kind girl. I hope you can live a happy life. "

"Yes, Suzan.'

She grabbed Suzan' hand excitedly. Anna nodded affirmatively again and again. "See, Harland has said so too. Don't be so desperate, okay? You are not alone. You still have me, you still have Harland. Do you still feel lonely with us by your side? No, you won't. We won't make you feel lonely anymore. Trust us, okay?"

Suzan was moved, but she didn't dare to accept it. Tears were welling up in her eyes. She looked at Anna and Harland emotionally. "Can I really continue to live? No one will hurt me again?

Anna nodded decisively, and so did Harland. "Charley has no reason to keep you by his side. As long as you want, you can leave him and start a new life at any time. No one will do anything to you."

This was his biggest promise to her.

Suzan was so moved because no one had treated her like this since she was a child. Tears kept falling down, covering her face and crying. "Thank you, thank you, thank you..."

But to everyone's surprise, at this time, a group of policemen in uniform broke into the ward with an arrest warrant and said seriously, "who is Suzan? Please follow us to the police station!"

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