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   Chapter 74 The Gender Of The Baby

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Updated: 2020-05-20 00:03

How could Vincent be mature when it came to Anna? He sat on the bed like a child, curling his lips and said, "I've been thinking about you all the time. I wish I could be with you all the time, and my heart was all on you. But you showed off your love with Harland in front of me without hiding anything. Anna, do you know how I feel when you do this? How can you do this to me? "

Anna was wronged! She just wanted to cooperate with him!

But then again, she was really attracted by the cute and jealous look of Vincent.

"Are you really angry?"

She asked tentatively. To her surprise, this man turned around and ignored her. In a cold sweat, she wondered, 'is it true that after falling in love, people's IQ is always negative?' Anna thought. Vincent was no exception?

"I just want to cooperate with you."

Anna turned to him and explained, "As you said, Dora is a defensive woman. Your avoidance and rejection won't make much difference. Only when I take the initiative to betray you will she believe it. I made a sacrifice with Harland for your sake. Please don't be angry, okay? I won't do that again, and I won't meet you and Dora, okay?"

"No way!"

Vincent was angry again and asked in a loud voice, "Who else will you meet if you don't see me? To see Harland? I won't allow it! "

He was so jealous that Anna was defeated by him! Anna poked Vincent's handsome face with her slender hand and said, "Okay, okay, okay. I won't see anyone except you, okay? Don't be jealous, my cute and handsome Vincent, okay? You don't look good when you are jealous."

Anna had thought that he would continue to be cold and arrogant, but to her surprise, he held her in his arms and pressed her against his chest. A trace of green light flashed through his dark eyes. "In order to punish you, don't resist tonight!"

Anna called Vincent a jerk. His purpose of coming here was not to tell her that he was angry. It was——

This man was so scheming!

However, as if thinking of something, Vincent stood up and played an audio recordi

ses to take them there. Then they came to the gynecology and obstetrics department again. Touching her bulging belly, Anna was overwhelmed with mixed feelings.

After waiting in line for a while, Anna began to accept the examination and lay down on the bed. Not long after, Harland came in and motioned for the doctor to go out. Sitting on the edge of Anna's bed, he carefully put the examination instrument on her belly. "Do you want to know the gender of the baby?"

Anna's heart skipped a beat. She looked at Harland excitedly and asked, "can you know now?"

Harland nodded with smile, "If you want to know, I'll tell you the answer later."

Anna was so excited that her heart thumped very fast. "In fact, I like both boys and girls very much. If it is a boy, I can cultivate him to be a little prince and let him be an excellent gentleman like you. I don't want him to develop the bad temper like Vincent. If it is a girl, it will be better. People say that daughters are considerate like cotton padded jacket. If I have a daughter. I must cherish her very much."

She was so excited that she kept mumbling. With a loving smile, Harland carefully observed the image on the instrument. "Anna, it's very likely..."

Before he could finish his words, a nurse ran to him in a hurry. "Doctor Qin, something is wrong! An old lady called Carla fainted!"

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