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   Chapter 71 Baby's Room

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For three days, Anna hadn't received any messages or phone calls from Vincent, let alone seeing him. When she saw Harland in the daytime, she always pretended that she didn't care about him, but secretly wiped her tears behind his back.

She admitted that she moved to live with Harland on purpose to let Vincent angry, but to her surprise, Vincent would really leave her alone. Was it really Dora who was more important than her?

As for Harland, he surely knew how heartbroken she was. In order not to let her think too much when she was at home alone, he specially brought quiet Carla and Mandy to his home.

"Harland, you have so much power. You can discharge whoever you want."

Anna was happy to be with Mandy and mother, but she was also confused about the power of Harland. Finally, Mandy said, "you don't know that Harland is the second largest shareholder of this hospital. Who dares to stop him if he wants us to leave the hospital?"

Anna clicked her tongue. The power of Harland's identity was far beyond her imagination. Why didn't she lean on this moneybag in the beginning?

The other day, they chatted and watched TV in Harland's villa to kill time. Anna got an important news from TV: Webb's company was purchased by Charley!

When did this happen!

Thinking of that Addy had been hanging out with Webb some time ago, she immediately dialed Addy's number. "Addie, what happened to the Webb's company? How could it be so sudden? Wang Group had been in L City for decades. It was bought by Charley? Did it have anything to do with you? "

"What can I do for as a woman?"

Addy pretended to sigh, "If I were so capable, half of L City's enterprises would have been under my control. Let me tell you a good thing. My shop has changed to a more high-end and luxurious place, which is N times higher than before. Tonight I'm going to celebrate it with a banquet. You have to come and support me!"

As soon as she finished speaking, she hung up the phone. Anna was confused. AH Club had just opened for a few months, but why did it suddenly expand?


Crossing her legs a

Addy had ordered for her.

"Anna, you're here too. When I came here, I told Vince that you would definitely come. I'm so happy to meet you!"

She warmly held Anna's hand and smiled innocently and beautifully, as if she really liked her. "Anna, how have you been these days? I've been talking about you in front of Vince, hoping that he can pick you up. You know, I've always wanted to find an opportunity to make up for you. I really want to take care of you and get your forgiveness to become friends with you, but Vince has always been unwilling to pick you up. Don't be angry. Just go back with us later, okay? Darcy said she missed you. Let's go back and decorate our baby's room together. Recently, Vince has accompanied me to buy a lot of new clothes for our baby, including boys' and girls'. They are so cute. When we go back, I will show them to you."

Being forced to see their affection, Anna tried to smile and withdrew her hand. "I'm sorry, Miss Lin. I'm afraid I'll let you down. When I moved into Harland's house, he had already arranged a room for my baby. You might not know that he has always been so nice to me. He never let me worry about these things. It's so comfortable to live at his home. I don't want to go anywhere."

Putting down the orange juice in her hand, she stood up with a smile and looked at Dora and Vincent, "I'm going to the bathroom. You guys help yourselves."

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