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   Chapter 70 Living Together

Everlasting Love By Xiao Xiaosu Characters: 6575

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Anna didn't expect that Sharon would come in, so she was flustered. But then she realized that she hadn't done anything excessive, so she said unhurriedly, "I didn't do anything."

"Then why did you hold his hand?

Sharon couldn't believe what was happening, "Anna, don't you think it's too much for a woman to do such a thing? Do you have any sense of shame? How could you do this to Vince?"

"Aunt -"

"I have always regarded Harland as my brother."

Anna stopped him in time. She didn't want him to explain. "I'm sick and hospitalized. So it's natural that he cares about me. I have nothing to regret. I didn't do anything wrong to Vincent."


Raising her eyebrows, Sharon questioned again, "Is this the way you usually seduce men? Good for you to regard him as brother! Anna, do you treat all men as your brothers? Do you allow anyone to hold your hand and kiss you? Can you have some self-esteem?"

"Auntie, it's not what you think."

Harland couldn't bear to hear that, "Anna and I..."

"Let me tell you, Harland."

However, Sharon pulled him aside and whispered, "Anna used to be a barmaid of the HY Club. She had lots of ways to seduce men. Don't speak for her. I know what kind of person she is. You should also be careful. Don't be seduced by this woman. Look at my son. He is blinded by her. Just see what kind of person he becomes. I don't know why she doesn't cherish a good life but choose to become the laughingstock of many people. I don't even dare to tell others that Vince is with a barmaid. It's shameful!"

Patting on his hand, Sharon continued, "Listen to me, Harland. Stay away from women like her. She is a tramp. If you get in touch with her more often, something bad will happen. I can't let you be trapped in the mire by her again!"

In the past, she thought Anna might not be as dirty as she thought. Now, it seemed that her loyalty and chastity in the past were all fake!

"Auntie, Anna is not the kind o

going to live in Harland's home. Anna, can't you just live in peace? You have no idea how to behave yourself. How could Vince meet others with you by his side?"

"Auntie, it's unfair if you say Anna like that."

Harland came forward, "If Vincent had protected Anna well, she wouldn't have been so weak. Dora just asked the three of them to live together. Do you think this method is feasible? Dora is a patient already and she is now pregnant. How could she take care of Anna? If the 'accident' happened again and caused the miscarriage of Anna's baby, who would be responsible for it? Even Vincent can't take the responsibility. On the contrary, if she lives with me, I can spare a lot of time to accompany her and take care of the baby. As long as no one objects or stops me, I can guarantee that Anna can give birth to a healthy baby."

This was the opportunity he had waited for so many years. This time, he would never let it go!


Vincent, who had been silent all the time, suddenly expressed his opinion. A trace of impatience appeared on his cold face. He said to Anna, "Just do whatever you want. I won't care about you. Dora, let's go."

Holding her wrist, Vincent turned around, opened the door and left coldly, which surprised Anna a lot.

Was he so indifferent to her now?

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