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   Chapter 66 The Baby Must Die

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Anna screamed and ran towards Mandy. But before she could reach her, a man in black grabbed Mandy and threw her backwards. "You want to die?"

Dora stood up from the bamboo chair and looked scornfully at Mandy who was thrown to the ground. "No way!"

"Dora! You are really a bastard! "

Anna ran to Mandy again, helped her up and glared at Dora. "What can I do to make you release Mandy? Why do you have to get others involved in our conflict? Let Mandy go. I will be at your disposal!"

Dora didn't care about it at all. She signaled her men to pull Anna away and then tied Mandy up again. "Anna, I've told you what to do. If you want Mandy to get released as soon as possible, you should be ruthless to yourself. Who are you fooling with just two scratches like a cat? Don't think I'm so gullible. I'll give you another half an hour. If you can't have an abortion, don't blame me for hurting Mandy directly! !"

Dora turned around and sat back on the bamboo chair. She glared at the people who were holding Mandy. "What are you waiting for? Hurry up! Don't you feel ashamed to let a woman laugh at your abilities? !"

The men in black looked at each other and began to cooperate with each other. Mandy cried out in pain, "Dora, you bitch! You'd better kill me today! Otherwise, I will make you suffer! !"

Anna was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. She covered her ears and shook her head in pain. "Stop! Stop! Stop! "

But how could Dora be obedient? She crossed her legs and looked at her with contempt and indifference. "Anna, you should feel painful. After suffering, you will be relieved. You can get out of here as soon as you have an abortion. Why not? You love Vincent so much but no one wants you to be together. Everyone despises you. Why do you have to make yourself a bad reputation? Just give up. If you are willing to give up, I can find a lot of rich people for you. I can guarantee that you will live a carefree life in the future. Isn't that what you want?"

Tears welled up in Anna's eyes. What did she say to such a superficial person? She didn't understa

hat I wouldn't be responsible for you! But you can't attract my attention in this way!"

"Is there any other way except this?"

Dora sneered, "I went to the Lu Group to see you again and again and texted you, but you didn't respond at all. I'm tired of it! I have had enough of being ignored like this! Since I have told you, you don't want to listen to me, I can only forcibly occupy your attention in such an extreme way! Vincent, don't blame me. You forced me to be like this! It's you and Anna, you two, who forced me to do that! You are the one who caused this! You can't blame me! "

Vincent felt that Dora was unreasonable. Seeing that the woman in his arms was getting weaker and weaker, he held her waist and began to walk out, but Dora grabbed his arm tightly at this moment. "Vincent, you can't go. If I don't abort Anna's baby today, I won't let you out of this door. We must end our feud today!"

"Dare you touch Anna again!"

Losing all his patience, Vincent gritted his teeth and said, "Dora, I warn you. If you dare to hurt Anna again in the future, I won't spare you!"

Dora wasn't convinced. She replied coldly, "I'm not only going to hurt Anna, but also the baby in her belly. Vincent, you have to abort the baby in her belly, because I'm pregnant with your baby. Both your family and mine don't allow Anna to give birth a baby. So today, the baby in her belly must die!"

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