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   Chapter 62 Killing The Hostage

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Anna had been lingering outside her mother's ward. When she saw Harland come out, she walked up to him and asked anxiously, "How's my mother?"

With a frown and a hint of seriousness in his amber eyes, Harland continued, "Her fever has been brought down, but I can see that your mother is in a bad mood and doesn't want to get in touch with the outside world. How could she suddenly become like this, Anna? What happened just now?"

Anna didn't know why. "I heard that your mother was harassed. What happened?"

Vincent came in a hurry. Seeing him, Anna grabbed his hand, acting as if she had caught a life-saving straw. "I don't know what's wrong with my mother. Just now when I was taking a walk with my mother in the back garden, a middle-aged man suddenly came to us and called my mother Miss Bai. He has been regretting that Miss Bai died twenty years ago, but now he finally realized that she is still alive! I don't know what he is talking about at all. My mother's face changed when she saw him. She was in a panic and took me by the hand all the time. I hurried to help her back, but she had a fever as soon as she entered the ward."

Beads of sweat began to form in Anna's palms. She frowned and looked worriedly at Vincent and Harland. "Who do you think that man is, Vincent? And who is the Miss Bai he mentioned? Why is my mother so excited to see him? What's the relationship between her and Miss Bai?"

Carla was always being calm, but they didn't expect that today she——

When Vincent and Harland looked at each other, they didn't look relaxed. Seeing that Anna was worried, he comforted her, "Don't worry. Maybe that person really made a mistake. At present, aunt is still in recovery period. She is weak and sensitive, and the fever may be caused by the wind outside. Don't take aunt out recently, and I will send more people to protect you. Don't worry. No one will be able to hurt you with me being here."

Despite what he said, Anna still felt uneasy. She felt that things were not as simple as he said. "Today, I'm off work early. How about I treat you two to dinner?"

In order to ease the atmosphere, Harland took the initiative to say, "I know a newly opened French restaurant. The dishes there were very good. How about we go there?"

Anna wouldn't refuse Harland. So, the three of them c


Recently, she had been dreaming. Every time she woke up, she called his name, which made his heart ache. "Is it the same dream again?"

Tears welled up in Anna's eyes as she nodded. Vincent felt guilty. "I'm sorry. It's all my fault. If I hadn't tell you the story, you wouldn't have had the same nightmare. Anna, I'm sorry."

Anna shook her head and wiped the sweat off her face. She was still nervous. She grabbed the corner of his clothes and looked at his face carefully. "It's okay. As long as you're fine now, everything will be fine."

Was it because she regretted that it wasn't she who hadn't saved him before, and that he was now bound by Dora. She was tortured by that thought, so she had the same dream all the time?

Anna didn't know.

Under the care of Vincent, Anna took a nap for a while, but she didn't sleep well. After the lunch break, Vincent wanted to work at home, but Anna extorted him. "You're a big boss, but you're always at home. It's not good for your career. You might be blamed. Go to work. I'll wait for you at home."

Vincent had no choice. He wanted to take her to the company, but he saw that she didn't have a good rest, so he gave up. "What do you want to eat tonight? Text me and I'll buy it for you."

Nodding gently, Anna watched him leave and sit on the sofa restlessly. Just as she was lost in thought, her phone rang. "Dora?"

"Anna, if you still want to see Mandy for the last time, come alone to the place I give you. Remember, as long as you dare to tell Vincent, I'll kill her!"

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