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   Chapter 60 She Might Have Already Been Dead

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After a short pause, Anna calmed herself down and continued, "I was only sixteen years old at that time. I didn't know what a virgin meant at all. All I knew was that my mother tried her best to protect me from those people. My mother had always been virtuous. Even if she had been badly beaten by Galen, she never scolded him. But that day, she called him a bastard and questioned him how he could do this to her child. Then I realized that Galen might want to sell me."

"Of course I didn't want to sell myself to the debt collectors to pay for Galen. I still had my mother to take care of, so I fought with them desperately. My mother also stopped them from approaching me, and then Galen hit my mother. I was so angry that my emotion that has been suppressed in my heart for eight or nine years suddenly burst out. I hated this family and Galen. I couldn't help but hate this scumbag. I was so angry that I rushed into the kitchen and took a knife to cut Galen's shoulder. Those people left as soon as they saw the blood, and I have been crazy. I didn't know what I was doing at all. I still continued to cut Galen with the knife."

"Later, my mom hugged me and cried. She said, "Anna, you can't do that. Mom can't make you a sinner! No!" I put down the knife and cried together with my mother, and my mother fainted while crying. Regardless of the life and death of Galen, I quickly sent my mother to the hospital. At that time, my mother's kidney was found to have a problem, and it was very serious. She needed a lot of money to be hospitalized. I felt that my world was about to collapse. My mother was sick. Where could I get so much money?"

"I beg the doctor. I hope they can help my mother to get medicine treatment. I would make money day and night. But those people didn't care what I said at all. They only had one sentence: either pay the money or leave. I had no way and was extremely desperate. But when I saw my mother lying in bed in pain outside the ward, I had made up my mind that I couldn't let her continue to suffer this. So I found those people who gave usury to Galen. I said as long as you gave me money, I could work for you."

"Maybe I look good. They thought I was useful, s

w when she would come back if she left this time, but Sam just died a few days ago!"

"Charley, don't make things difficult for Suzan. I can go with you!"

It never occurred to Anna that Addy would come with him. "You know what happened to Suzan. Why did you make things difficult for her? Let's go. I'll help you deal with it. "


Anna said again, looking at her in disbelief. "Why are you still with Charley? Don't you know what kind of scum he is? It's not good for you to continue to be with him. Addie, don't do anything stupid!"

How could Addy not know that Anna was caring about her? But, "Anna, I know what I'm doing. You don't need to worry about me. Take good care of Suzan. I'll go with Charley. You can go back and have a rest."

Anna wanted to say something more to make Addy change her mind, but to her surprise, Suzan said, "I'll go with you."

Anna, Addy and everyone were shocked! But she said to Charley calmly, "I'm sorry, Mr. Charley. I've been busy with my personal affairs these days and ignored your needs. I'll go inside to change my clothes and go with you. Don't be angry."


Anna wanted to stop her, but Vincent grabbed her arm to stop her. "Let them deal with their own business. We can't get involved."

Anna wanted to retort, but she didn't know what to say when she saw the cold look on Suzan's face. She just felt that she had changed.

The docile and obedient Suzan might have died a long time ago.

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