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   Chapter 59 She Is Valuable

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When Suzan woke up again, Sam had been pushed into the morgue. Anna had thought that she would cry again, but she didn't expect her to be unusually calm. She just walked to her brother and said, "Sam said that he preferred the peace and purity of our hometown to that of the city."

Anna's heart ached inexplicably. She put her arm around Suzan' shoulder and kept silent for a long time.

The very night, Anna asked Vincent to find a car to transport Sam's body back to his hometown. Suzan said that many people didn't know them after they left the hometown these years. Her parents left early and no one came to attend the funeral, but she spent a lot of money to build a best tomb for Sam. She said that her brother had never lived in his own house all his life, and she said that she wouldn't make him suffer after he left.

Anna felt that at that moment, Suzan seemed to be ten years older, but she was still beautiful.

On the night of her funeral, Anna personally cooked delicious food for Suzan and Vincent. "You've been tired these days. Eat something good to replenish your health."

Vincent pressed her to sit on the sofa and said, "I said I would do it, but you didn't allow. From now on, you are not allowed to do any housework. I will do everything."

Her belly was bulging. How could he bear her to do such heavy work?

However, Anna didn't want to. These days, he had left the company's affairs behind and came to accompany her. He had to deal with the funeral of Sam in the daytime, and after she went to bed in the evening, he had to stay up late to solve the company's problems. It had only been two or three days, but he looked much haggard. How couldn't she feel sorry for him?

"Don't talk so much. I let you sit down and you just sit down."

Putting a lot of food into his and Suzan's bowls, Anna continued, "Suzan, eat. Your chin get much thinner. Hurry up and eat some nutritious food."

Suzan was still calm. She looked at Anna and Vincent with a bitter smile. "Anna, you're so happy. I envy no one but you."

Anna was rendered speechless. She didn't know what to say for a moment. Then she heard Suzan say, "In my childhood, my family lived in

r, he did everything including eating, drinking, gambling and so on. Every time he drank too much or lost his gambling money, he would come back and hit my mother. If I protected my mother, he would beat me together. I had a very painful time in the past few years. I always hoped to escape from the control of Galen. And at that time, I met Harland."

"Harland is from a rich family and he always protected me. Every time I was beaten, he would protect me in time and warned Galen not to beat me again, so I relied on him very much at that time. What I hoped most was that he could come to me and take me away from Galen."

"But later, when I was twelve years old, Harland went abroad to study and I became a soldier fighting alone. I was more afraid of going home and more resentful of Galen. The amount of gambling money that Galen owed became larger and larger. At that time, there were often people who came to ask for money to beat Galen. He didn't dare to fight back and beat me and my mother after those people left, which was also at that time when I make up my mind, I will take my mother away. I will get rid of this devil completely, or we would probably die in his hands."

"But what I didn't expect was that before my mother and I could figure out a way to escape, Galen came to my house with those debt collectors. He pointed at me and told them that I was still a virgin. I was valuable and asked them to take me away to pay the debt."

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