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   Chapter 58 Sam Died

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Sam was dying?

It never occurred to Anna that she would receive such news!

"Suzan, what happened?"

When she arrived at the hospital with Vincent, Anna held the crying girl in her arms. Suzan was so weak that Anna's heart ached. "Didn't Sam get better before? Why did he suddenly become critically ill? What happened?"

When she had talked with Harland before, she had specially asked about Sam's condition. He said that he had been recovering and very stable all the time, but——

"Boo... Hoo Anna... Boo... Hoo My brother committed suicide! "


Anna's heart skipped a beat. Suicide? What's going on?

"Suzan, what happened? Why did Sam do that?"

With tears streaming down her face, Suzan couldn't see Anna's face clearly. "I went out to socialize with Charley. When I came back, he had already fallen into a pool of blood. I don't know. I don't know why he did that! It's all my fault! It's all my fault! It's all my fault! "

Holding onto Anna's shoulder tightly, Suzan said in a tearful voice, which was particularly pitiful, "Anna, what do you think I should do? What should I do? This is my only family! He is my only brother! It's meaningless of living if he leaves. What's the point of living in the world alone?"

"No, no!"

Holding Suzan in her arms firmly, Anna said, "Sam is a good boy. He knows that you love him so much, and he won't leave you easily. Suzan, you have to believe him. You have to believe in Harland. He will save Sam. It's for sure! !"

Suzan nodded with tearful eyes, but she still walked back and forth in front of the operating room uneasily. Anna wanted to comfort her, but couldn't find more suitable words. She and Vincent could only wait with her before the operation.

After a long time, a nurse came out of the operating room. She looked at Anna and other people and asked, "Who is the patient's family? Go inside and have a last look!"


ave my brother! He is waiting for you to save him! "

Harland lowered his head in pain. As a doctor, the most painful thing for him was to see his patients die. His heart was really heavy. "Suzan, I'm sorry ---"

"I don't want you sorry! I don't want your apology! !"

Letting go of Harland's arm, Suzan subconsciously stepped back. Her beautiful eyes were filled with tears. She didn't allow anyone to approach her. She just shook her head crazily and muttered, "You are all lying to me. You are all liars! Sam is still alive! Sam won't die! He is so considerate and loves me so much. How could he be willing to leave me? ha-ha! Ha ha ha! You are all cheated by him! He is joking with you! In fact, he was not dead. He was just asleep! Ha ha ha! You are all cheated! "

Anna couldn't bear to see her like this. She stepped forward and comforted, "Suzan, life can't be reversed. Let's accept the reality, okay? Sam just left. He won't want to see you like this. Let's not be so sad, okay?"

She felt so sad to see her like this!

"No! Sam is still alive! He is still alive! "

Holding Sam on the operating table, Suzan repeated, "He's not dead! No! !"

But gradually, her body slid down and finally fainted on the cold floor of the operating room. "Suzan! !"

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