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   Chapter 54 You Are The First One I Won't Let Go

Everlasting Love By Xiao Xiaosu Characters: 6341

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When Anna and Vincent arrived at the downtown, Mandy was in a taxi. "Hurry up. Catch that taxi and stop her."

Vincent nodded and stepped on the gas. Within two minutes, the Land Rover stopped the taxi in the middle of the road. Anna quickly got out of the car and pulled Mandy out of the back seat. She took out one hundred dollars to the driver and put Mandy into Vincent's car. "Mandy, you really want to avenge on Dora! She was born in a wealthy family. Wouldn't you dig your own grave if you really hurt her? Don't go. Although she set me up, I'm still good with Vincent. Isn't this the most important thing for me? Calm down. Let's not get back at her. "

Mandy was still angry. She pointed at Anna's forehead and said angrily, "Anna, you are just a coward!" You just let Dora bully you like this? Although we are poor and have no power, we can't be bullied easily! Today, you want to surrender in exchange for Dora's forgiving. On the contrary, she would consider you are push-over and she would bully you more and more harshly. This was the bad nature of human beings. They would bully people who dared not to resist. The more you obeyed her, the more they would bully you. How long are you going to be bullied! You are afraid of her, but I don't! I, Mandy, am not afraid! Don't stop me. I'll take revenge on her right now. She really thinks we can be bullied easily, doesn't she? I can't bear it!"

Anna grabbed her arm tightly. She was afraid that she would rush out on impulse. "I know, Mandy. I know what you mean and I don't want to refute. Look, I've brought Vincent here. Even though Dora is rich, the man she loves is still in my hands. I'm not afraid of her with Vincent. As the saying goes, it's not too late for a gentleman to take revenge in ten years. Why are you in such a hurry? I have grasped Dora's weakness. Sooner or later, she will give in to me. Just wait and see. "

her! "

His cold and ruthless look really broke the hearts of every woman who loved her, so did Dora. She grabbed the piece of clothes in her heart, tears streaming down, "Vince, you should roar at me! You yelled at me for such a woman! Why? Why? You don't even know who is the father of Anna's baby. How can you do this to me for her! How can you?"

"Anna is pregnant with my child!"

Vincent said firmly, holding Anna's waist and walking out. "I think you are in good spirits. You are fine at all. That's good. I don't even need to call an ambulance for you. Dora, take care of yourself. Let's go!"

"I don't allow you to leave!"

Reluctantly, Dora stood in front of Vincent and Anna and said, "Vince, you must send me back today. Don't forget that I was kidnapped here by Mandy today. If you send me back, I can pretend that nothing has happened. But if you don't agree and insist on taking Anna away, don't blame me for turning against you in the future!"

She thought that Vincent would hesitate, but he said to Dora coldly, "you've never turned against me? Dora, your trick doesn't work on me! Move out of my way! I'll take Anna to the hospital. If anything happens to her or her baby because of your push, you are the first one I won't let go!"

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