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   Chapter 53 Anna Is My Soul

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Vincent was the first to stand up and object, "that's impossible!"

He was so angry that he even roared at his mother, "Anna is pregnant with my child. No one is allowed to hurt her, even you! I'm going to keep this baby! Anyone who dares to hurt this child will be the enemy of Vincent! I will never let go of anyone who hurt my child! !"


Sharon didn't expect that Vincent would react so strongly. "Are you going to let this baby be laughed at when it is born?" Vincent, this baby must be aborted!"

"No way!"

Vincent roared again, "Even if I risk my life, I won't let anyone hurt my child!"

With red eyes, Vincent was agitated. He held Anna's hand tightly and trembled with anger. "Maybe I can marry Dora in order to repay her kindness, but it's impossible for me to kill my baby!" If you continue to force me, I will give up everything of the Lu family. I don't want to pay the debt of gratitude, revive Lu family or marry a woman with a prominent family background! I want nothing! I only want Anna! I only want my Anna and my child!"


With a loud sound, Sharon slapped him in the face and said, "Don't talk nonsense! It's just a woman. Is it worth you to pay so much? "

"She deserve it!"

Blue veins stood out on his neck. Even if he was beaten, Vincent still took a firm stand. "Anna is my soul, and Anna is my life. No one can separate me from her. I just want her! If you don't want me to be with Anna, fine, I'll go! " I don't want the Lu Group also!" I don't want the company, neither fame nor wealth! Without Anna my life is meaningless. I'm going to marry this woman!"

Holding Anna's hand, Vincent strode out of the villa. Fearing that she might hurt the baby in her belly, he held her in his arms and walked out of the villa. He pressed the accelerator hard and drove the car to the highest place of L City, the suburban mountain road.

After the car stopped, there was a long silence between Anna and Vincent. Even though Anna knew that

n and the stars in the sky and chatted a lot. They seemed to have not said so much since they knew each other. Later, when they were tired, Anna fell asleep in Vincent's arms. This was the soundest sleep she had in the past twenty years. In her dream, she had married Vincent in a white wedding dress, and Vincent had said, "Anna, I'll give you a happy life. Wait for me.

But on the second morning, she was woken up by the ringing of her phone. When she woke up, she wiped her saliva and slid the answer button. "What happened to you, Anna? I heard that you attended that charity dinner last night? Did Dora set you up? How dare that bitch humiliate you in front of so many people! Just wait and see. I'll find someone to avenge you. Damn it! What's wrong with the society? Why do people look down upon the girls who work in nightclubs? What's wrong to work in the nightclub? We didn't steal things or rob! I'm so pissed off. All right, I'll ask someone to avenge that bitch. I won't even call Mandy if I can't vent my anger!"

She hung up the phone with a loud bang. Anna was still in a daze. How could she hang up so soon?

When she called again, Mandy's phone was powered off. Sensing that something was wrong, Anna shook Vincent who was beside her and said, "Vincent, go back to the city. Something is going to happen!"

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