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   Chapter 48 forty-eighth It Was Odd

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The news that Vincent had killed six people for the sake of Anna spread quickly in L City. His move once again made everyone know his coldness and ruthlessness, but it couldn't subside the anger of Harland.

"I said I wouldn't let you get close to Anna anymore!"

Grabbing Vincent's collar, Harland's eyes turned red. "You almost lost your baby this time. What about next time? Will it be Anna's turn to die next time? "

"I won't let it happen again!"

Vincent said, "I know, Harland. I know you're angry with me. I admit that I didn't protect Anna well, but I swear I won't let it happen a second time. I swear to you with my life! !"

"You always say that!"

"But you are the one who hurts Anna the most every time," Harland added! Get out of here! I'll take care of Anna from now on! "

Lying on the bed, Anna heard the quarrel and frowned. Did they quarrel again because of her?

"Anna, Anna, are you awake? Are you awake? "

Addy and Mandy walked up to her in a hurry. Seeing that Anna slowly opened her eyes, their eyes were red. "Anna, are you awake? You finally wake up! "



Upon hearing this, Harland and Vincent rushed into the ward and called out her name at the same time. They were so worried and nervous. "Is your belly still painful? Do you still feel uncomfortable? "

Anna shook her head and put her hands on her belly. "Is he okay?"

Harland nodded gently. "The baby is fine. Don't worry."

Anna smiled. "I'm fine as long as he's fine."

"Waah... Waah... Anna... It's all my fault!"

Seeing her like this, Mandy burst into tears. "Why did I have to accompany that Larson? Why didn't I leave him alone? If I hadn't accompanied Larson, I would have been the one who was pestered by those people. You wouldn't have been hurt like this. It's all my fault! It's all my fault! Anna, it's all my fault!"

Addy also felt guilty. "It happened in AH Club. I'm the one to be blamed. Anna, I'm sorry. You can punish me as you like. I won't say no!"

Anna shook her head again. "As long as the baby is fine, I'll be fine. It's all over. Don't talk about it anymore."

She turned to look

olding her hand intimately, Anna smiled. But after she greeted Harland and saw him leave the ward, she frowned and said, "But Suzan, why did you send a message to Harland that day? Weren't you in the private room with Charley? "

"Later, Addie went to a private room."

Suzan said everything. "Charley wanted to have a talk with her alone, so I came out to breathe some fresh air. I just saw you and the servant entering the private room in a hurry. I thought that it was impossible that Vincent let you serve the guests, so it was not simple. But you know, Charley was in AH Club at that time, so I couldn't help you. After thinking about it, I had to send a message to Doctor Qin and ask him to save you."

Anna understood, but she was thinking about Charley's intention. Did he have something to talk to Addy alone? About what?

"But Anna, don't you think it's odd?"

Suzan' words interrupted Anna's conjecture. She frowned slightly and listened to her. "Normally, AH Club is Addie's place, and you are her best friend. Why didn't she know that you had an accident? I mean, why didn't anyone inform her? "

"Before, if the hostesses of AH Club were beaten, waiters would come out to look for the steward. Besides, I also called a waiter to inform Addie. But why didn't she show up after such a long time? "

"Anna, don't blame me for being nosy. I think it's time for you to guard against the people around you."

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