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   Chapter 45 An Absolute Disgrace

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The opening ceremony of AH Club was held a week later. Anna brought her own gift, "Sixty-six thousand red packets. And I'm here with Vincent. "Addie, I don't have much money. Don't blame me for this."

"What are you talking about, silly girl?"

The night wind was a little cold, but Addy was still wearing a low cut dress. In order to open the AH Club, she specially put on a delicate makeup, making her look as if she was ten years younger. She returned the money to Anna and said, "You've already brought Vincent here to give me your biggest support. How can I accept your money? Take it back."

"Just take it."

Vincent put the money into Addy's hand again and took out a bank card from his pocket. "Anna gives you sixty-six thousand, hoping you smooth in all aspects. I give you ninety-nine thousand, wishing your career and the friendship with Anna can last forever."

Both Anna and Addy were surprised. Vincent had prepared a red envelope, too?

He didn't even want Anna to come here to show her support before!

"How generous you are, Mr. Vincent!"

Mandy, who envied, came over and said, "If I opened my own club someday, will you give me such a big red envelope?"

With a sweet smile, Anna said, "Of course."

But when she walked inside with Vincent, she asked in confusion, "When did you prepare it! Why didn't you tell me?"

"Will you have this surprise if I tell you earlier?"

Holding Anna's hand, Vincent looked handsome and attracted many people's attention. He didn't forget that Addy had helped him before. "But Anna, I'm telling you, I only allow you to associate with Addy and Mandy, but it doesn't mean that you can get involved in their business. The only thing you need to do now is to be a good girlfriend and give birth to our child. Don't care about anything else. Understand?"

She had been pestering him to help her with her career these days. How could he be willing to do that?

However, Anna curled her lips. "So you don't want me to go to work?"

People always had to find their own value in their career. Looking at the passion of Addy and the others, she was anxious!

Vincent couldn't bea

Miss Anna can come here, so I can't? Vincent, don't forget that I'm your fiancee. Wherever you have been, I should come. You can't drive me away."

Then she picked up a bottle of wine and drank up, but she seemed not to know how to drink. After drinking a mouthful of wine, she was choked and coughed constantly. Her black and white eyes were even filled with glittering tears. "Dora!"

Vincent got angry, grabbed the glass from her hand and threw it on the glass table. He scolded coldly, "Do you know what you are doing?! I've told you this is not the place you should come. Go back!"

"I won't go back!"

Dora insisted on arguing with him, "I won't go back. I know I can't drink or play with you, so you ignore me. In that case, I'll change. It's just wine, isn't it? I can drink it. It's just a nightclub? I can also play! Vincent, I can change and do anything for you. I won't give up until you are satisfied with me!"

Dora poured herself a glass of wine again stubbornly. Enduring the spicy taste, she drank it up in one gulp. Her beautiful face began to twist, which even Anna couldn't help but smack her lips.

The wine was so spicy, but she was willing to drink it!

However, she didn't think it was like Dora. She should be a tough woman who just looked frail in the previous two contradictions, but now she began to compromise in front of Vincent?

Was she sincere or just pretending to get his sympathy?

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