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   Chapter 41 Kidney Transplant

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Vincent didn't expect that things would turn out like this. He thought that if he made it clear, his relationship with Anna would be eased. Now it seemed that she didn't want to see him anymore.

Grasping his hair in pain, Vincent was about to go crazy. What should he do to retrieve the relationship? Was she really so painful to be with him?

Should he really choose to let her go?

"Buzz, buzz, buzz..."

The phone vibrated. Vincent took it out and saw the name of Harland flickering on it. "What's wrong?"

"What? Okay, I'll be right there! !"

The hurried steps and the sound of the door closing affected every nerve of Anna. Although she locked herself in the room, she kept an eye on the outside. Did Vincent leave? Was he driven away by her? Would he come back this time?

Yes, that's it. How could she deserve such an excellent man to pay so much for her?

Anna covered herself with the quilt, tears streaming down from her eyes. After a long time, when she gradually fell asleep, her phone rang. "What's wrong, Harland?"' she asked.

"Anna, what I'm telling you will make you sad. But promise me that you will be careful when you come to the hospital. Don't hurt yourself and the baby, okay?"

Anna's heart skipped a beat. "Harland, is my mother suffering from an emergency again? I'll be right there! !"

With her phone in her hand, she rushed downstairs without even putting on her shoes. She waved at a taxi and urged the driver, "hurry up. Please drive faster. I'm going to the hospital to see my mother!"

The green skinned taxi sped along the road. When it arrived at the hospital, [安] Tabitha quickly got out of the car and ran to the ward. Not far away from the ward, she saw that Cassandra and [陆彦] were arguing, and [陆彦] had changed into a hospital gown. "Clark, what are you waiting for?! Don't you see that her mother is dying? When do you want to do the operation if not now? If you missed the best time for the surgery, how can you face Anna?" What are you still hesitating about? Hurry

im take care of you."

Anna burst into tears again. She threw herself into her mother's arms and cried bitterly. How could she not know Vincent love her?

But she didn't know how to choose!

"Vincent won't treat you unfairly. Anna, it's my fault. I let you suffer so many unhappy things. It's my fault. I hope you can be happy. Be with Vincent. He will be good to you."

Tears welled up in Anna's eyes. She wanted her mother to stop talking and save some energy, but she found that she had already closed her eyes. "Mom! Mom! Don't leave me! Mom! Harland! Come here, Harland! My mother fainted! Harland! !"

Upon hearing the news, Harland asked Vincent to take Anna out of the room so that he could rescue her mother, and he said, "Don't worry. I'm sure it will be okay."

Holding Anna in his arms, Vincent repeated, "I'm here. I won't let anything happen to your mother. I'll ask another doctor to arrange the surgery right away. I'll make your mother recover!"

However, Anna grabbed his clothes tightly and didn't want to let him go. Her red eyes were as pitiful as rabbit's. "Vincent, what if something happens to you?"

Vincent was stunned. Was she willing to accept him?

"Doctor Qin!"

At this time, a nurse's voice came from not far away, "Dr. Qin! The kidney organ donated by the volunteer was delivered here! Doctor Qin! !"

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