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   Chapter 40 Vincent's Confession

Everlasting Love By Xiao Xiaosu Characters: 7000

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While eating the steamed buns, Anna frowned. She couldn't figure out what did Vincent want to do. Folic acid? For prevention of miscarriage? Didn't he already think that the child was not his?

Before she could figure out why Vincent suddenly changed his attitude, the door was knocked again. "Mrs. Lu, the furniture is here."

Furniture? Anna was surprised again. She didn't buy any furniture!

However, before she could refuse to sign for it, those people had already moved in the sofa, chairs and beds of luxury brands. After a while, a water purification machine was sent in. Anna couldn't help but wonder what on earth Vincent was doing!

She picked up her phone and called him but the phone rang not far away. Vincent took out the phone and looked at the caller ID, and then looked at the woman not far away. His sexy thin lips could not help but raised a smile. "You miss me so soon. I'm here, aren't I?"

He carried a lot of fresh fruit and put it into the fridge like his husband who just came back from work. Then he walked to her side and gently touched her hair. "Are you tired today? Do you want to sit down and have a rest? I'll cook for you. "


Anna called out in a low and serious voice. "Aren't you going to explain what it means?"


Vincent said innocently, "What's wrong with me buying some furniture for my own house? Can't I? "

Taking a deep breath, Anna said, "you know I didn't mean that."

Taking a step forward, she looked into his dark eyes. Anna pulled a long face and asked, "Didn't I make it clear to you? Vincent, can you stop pestering me? I don't love you anymore, and I'm not pregnant with your child. Why do you have to do so much for me? Aren't you afraid of being laughed at? "

With knitted eyebrows, Vincent's deep eyes were full of complex emotions. His tall figure completely covered the petite figure of Anna. He stared at her for a long time, slowly raised his hand to touch her soft skin, and said in a low and steady voice, "Anna, I've been cheated by you once, and I won't be cheated a second time."


berately avoided me and hurt me. But you are still my woman. You are pregnant with my child. How can I let you live alone here and suffer injustice? How can I let you be hurt by others? "

Walking up to her, Vincent said slowly, "Anna, I'll protect you. I won't let anyone hurt you, let alone our child. Trust me. I'm capable of protecting you. You can go back with me. Don't quarrel with me anymore, okay?"

How much Anna wanted to laugh. He said he wouldn't let her get hurt. But he was the one who had hurt her most!

"So you mean I and my child will atone for your Dora, right?"

With a hint of forbearance in her long and narrow eyes, Anna raised her lips and said coldly, "Vincent, is this the love you said?"

Vincent didn't know what to say. Anna continued, "Do you think it's good for me to satisfy me in material life? Vincent, you're wrong. What I want is never money or material enjoyment. I just want a family and a stable support. Since you have chosen Dora, don't bother me again. I can understand your choice, but I won't accept your arrangement for me. I won't be a third party who can only be hidden, nor will I let my child become someone that everyone despises and looks down upon. Bastard, if you can't marry me, please leave. I don't care about the materials and furniture you sent. These things will only prove your hypocrisy and superficial. I'm sick of them! !"

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