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   Chapter 35 Meeting Dora For The First Time

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Anna left, leaving Vincent there alone. A hint of anger and jealousy flashed through his black eyes. 'Is she so eager to separate with me after she met Harland?' he wondered.

He strode forward and grabbed her wrist tightly. He said coldly, "I admit that what I said yesterday was wrong, and it was also my fault to hide the existence of Dora. But I have a reason. If you don't want to listen to my explanation, fine, but you are not allowed to leave me. Anna, don't forget that I redeemed you from the HY Club. You are not qualified to break up with me. This relationship lasts under my will, and you can't leave me without my permission!"

Getting closer and closer to her, Vincent's aura was even more intimidating. "Anna, listen to me carefully. Like I said to you before, you are my girl during lifetime, and even your soul is mine after your death! I won't let you go! And I won't give you any chance to be close to other men! !"

Anna couldn't believe what was happening! He still doubted her even at this time! It was obvious that he had done something wrong first! !

With a cold smile, Anna looked at him and said sarcastically, "Vincent, are you insane or what? Why do you insist on pestering me, a barmaid, instead of the Lady Dora? Don't you know that I'm born to be a bitch? I just like to seduce other men and won't love you from the bottom of my heart? Go away! I don't love you anymore. I've already found a richer and more powerful man than you! So I'm dumping you now! Can you stop pestering me?!"


"What?! !"

Anna looked into his eyes fearlessly. Wasn't that the way he thought of her? Then she just told him what was echoing in his heart! !

"I won't let you go!"

Clenching his teeth in hatred, Vincent grabbed Anna's wrist and walked towards the car. Anna wasn't willing to do so, so they quarreled on the roadside. At this moment, Harland ran over angrily. Seeing what Vincent was doing, he shouted angrily, "Vincent, let go of her! Didn't you see that Anna didn't want to go with you?! !"

The appearance of Harland made Vincent even angrier. He loosened his grip on Anna but grabbed Harland's collar. "I've told you many times that m

is time. She told Anna, "I'm afraid that Vincent has crazily fallen in love with you."

Anna smiled bitterly. Really?

She didn't know.

Time went by slowly. Except for the delivery guy, Anna didn't even meet with Harland. It was not she didn't trust him, but she was well-aware of what Vincent was capable of!

In order to find her, he was very likely to follow and investigate everything Harland did. She didn't want to be found so soon!

"Ding Dong..."

At noon, when the doorbell rang, Anna thought it was the delivery man who was here to send her the fresh vegetables. When she opened the door, she saw a beautiful woman with a gentle and generous smile, which made people feel comfortable. Anna thought that she must be Dora.

"Miss Anna, don't you invite me in?"

Anna replied with a smile, "I don't invite strangers to my house."

Dora smiled generously. Her black straight hair slipped through her shoulder, curling up a burst of fragrance. Anna thought the woman was really beautiful. No wonder even Vincent would fall in love with her.

"Since Miss Anna doesn't want to invite me in, let's go out and have a seat, okay? I know a good coffee shop nearby. It's my treat."

Anna hesitated, but she wasn't sure whether she should go or not. Instead, she was trying to figure out what she was going to eat. "Coffee is not necessary. I know a good restaurant nearby. Miss Dora, if you don't mind, can you go with me for dinner?"

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