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   Chapter 33 Do You Know Dora

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After Harland sent Suzan to Anna's ward, Anna locked the door from inside and refused to let anyone in. Vincent stood in front of the door for a long time, but she didn't open it. He felt regretful and asked Harland, "What happened tonight?"

Harland was still angry and didn't want to talk to him at all. "Mr. Vincent, this is the hospital. I refuse to answer any questions that have nothing to do with work."

Vincent didn't know what to say. After a long silence, he insisted, "It's my fault tonight. I shouldn't have said those words so rashly. I apologize. Now tell me what happened tonight. I won't spare anyone who hurt Anna!"

"Harland, if you really want to know what happened tonight, please answer me a question first. You didn't show up to see Anna tonight, is it because you went to see her?"

Vincent was speechless. Seeing him like this, Harland knew the answer. The anger in his heart was getting stronger and stronger. He tried his best to control his temper and said, "Vincent, I really misjudged you. What does Anna mean to you if you do this to her?

Go! Now I only want to beat you! Just go! Hurry up! You can't get any information about Anna from me! Just investigate it by yourself if you can! I have nothing to say to you! ! !"

Being driven out of the hospital in embarrassment, Vincent sighed deeply. How could he not know what Harland was angry about? But there were things that he couldn't resist!

After resting for a night, both Anna and Suzan were getting better. The two began to chat when they had nothing else to do. "What did you do? Why did Charley hurt you like that?"

Suzan was silent. Her dark eyes were a little melancholy, and there was a strong sense of gloom around her. Afraid of making her unhappy, Anna said, "If you don't want to say it, then don't. I don't mean to make you sad."

"It's not a big deal."

Suzan smiled with relief. "He asked me to entertain the guests. I happened to be in my period, so he was angry with me and beat me for that."

What?! !

Anna thought Charley was unreasonable! How could any woman control her period? How could he take it as a mistake? ?

"Suzan, I really don't understand why you ha

e told you that. It's all my fault. Anna, don't take it to heart. Maybe I was wrong. Vincent has feelings for you. Everyone can see that. You have to trust him."

Anna sneered as she shook her head. The trust between them had collapsed. Vincent was no longer the one who only cared about her as before. "Ewww..." she spat.

An uncontrollable impulse surged up in her throat. Covering her mouth, Anna ran to the bathroom.

Feeling that her bile was about to spit out, Anna felt sad. Why didn't she see the true face of Vincent until now?

"Anna, are you pregnant?"

Enduring the pain in her feet, Suzan slowly moved to the bathroom and patted on Anna's back. But before Anna could answer, Addy, Mandy and Harland rushed to the ward, talking about something in full swing.

But when Addy saw Suzan's face, she swallowed all the passionate words. "Suzan?"

Suzan knew that her identity was special and sensitive to Addy, but she still greeted her with a neither humble nor pushy smile. However, Mandy became excited. "Addy, is this the Suzan we talked about before? The temptress who colluded with Charley? You just stand here, and I'll avenge you!"

She rolled up her sleeves excitedly and was about to slap Suzan. But when she saw Anna, who was standing behind Suzan with a pale face, she froze again. "Anna, what's wrong with you?"

Anna didn't respond to Mandy. She just stared at Harland in his eyes and asked, "Do you know Dora, Harland?"

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