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   Chapter 30 Anna, Help Me!

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Anna was rendered speechless. No wonder Suzan said they were the same when she saw her last time. It turned out that she meant their experiences and life trajectory.

"Not long after Suzan entered this circle, she met Charley. Just like all the men, Charley was also attracted by her appearance, so he kept her by his side. As for Suzan, she needed money, so she agreed to be with Charley too."

Taking a slow drag on her cigarette, Addy continued, "After they were together, Charley told me that Suzan is the Mrs. Right he had been looking for, and then abandoned me. In fact, I was not surprised at all. She was indeed beautiful and talented. Such a woman could gain more benefits for Charley. As for me, I was no longer of use to him, so I deserve it."

After all, she had already seen through Charley's true color. But because of love, she was not willing to let him go!

"Charley is just a bastard!"

The last thing Mandy wanted to hear was that Addy was bullied. She gritted her teeth and wished she could tear Charley into pieces. However, Anna was lost in thought.

So, the reason why Charley kept Suzan by his side was to let her win the favor of men with her outstanding appearance and specialty, and then seek interests for his career?

If that was the truth, it could be understood why he let Suzan show her talents in front of so many people on the opening banquet.

"Anna, we can't let such a bastard bully Addy. We must avenge her!"

Mandy said angrily again. When Anna was about to nod her head, Addy stopped her. "No, you are not able to defeat him. Charley is a vengeful and insidious person. I'm afraid you will fall into his hands. I don't want to lose you two good friends because of this kind of man. Let it go."

"No way!"

Mandy said indignantly, "if it weren't for your promotion and care, I and Anna wouldn't have lived like this. How could we give up revenging on him just because he is powerful? Don't worry, Addy. Charley is just a paper tiger. Didn't you see that he didn't do anything to me after I sent him a plate of dead rats last time? "

Addy sighed and rolled her eyes at Mandy. "How could he not want to take revenge on you? It was because I stopped him. Mandy, Anna, listen to me. Don't mess with Charley again. I can protect you once, but not necessarily for the second time. I'm really afraid that something bad will happen to you."

Anna and Mandy looked at each other and said nothing. It was not easy for Addy to be so worried.

"How are you feeling today?"

The three fell into silence. Harland pushed the door open and walked in with a warm smile on his handsome face. He bent over and touched Anna's head. "Do you have a headache or feel uncomfortable?"

Anna shook her head. "I'm fine."

"That's good."

As usual, Harland did some examinations and asked some questions. The serious and gentle look on his face was so eye-catching. "Professor Qin, please do the examination for me too. My heart hurts. If you don't believe me, you can touch it."

Every time Addy saw him, she couldn't help but tease him. Anna said, "That's enough, Addy. Harland can't stand such a joke. Come on, Mandy. I'm fine. Take her back to have a rest."

Mandy nodded. Indeed, she was a little sleepy. She said goodbye to Harland and left with Addy. "That's their usual style. Don't mind, Harland."

"It doesn't matter. It's good. You won't be too bored with them."

Sitting on the edge of Anna's bed, Harland took off his glasses, which he only wore when he was working. With affectionate eyes, he said, "You really scared me this time. How can you do such a dangerous thing alone? You can't let it happen a second time, okay? "

Anna stuck out her tongue naughtily and nodded obediently. "I know. I know. Vincent has told me many times. I won't do that again."

Seeing that she was satisfied, Harland sighed. "If you hadn't insisted on being with Vincent, I wouldn't have let you have any contact with him. You are a girl. How could you be hurt like this? It's unimaginable! When I checked you up, I saw many wounds of different sizes on your body. Were these also caused by Vincent? As long as you say yes, I'll call Vincent to account now! "

Why couldn't he get angry when his beloved girl was tortured like this?


Anna immediately explained. Because of her, Harland had quarreled with Vincent several times. "It's all my fault. It's all over now. Let's not mention it. Oh, by the way, how's my mother? Is there any emergency recently? "

Knowing that she was deliberately changing the topic, Harland could only pretend not to know what to say. "Don't worry. Auntie's condition is stable these days. I'm paying attention to her all the time. No problem."

Anna nodded silently. She was relieved as long as her mother was fine. "Anna."

Seeing the hesitant look on his face, Anna felt her heart was hanging in her throat again. "What's wrong, Harland? Is my mother's condition not so optimistic? It doesn't matter. Just tell me. I can accept it. "

"It's not about your mother."

"It's about you. I want to ask you a question."

Blinking her innocent eyes, Anna said, "what's the problem?"

"Anna, you haven't menstruated for a long time, have you?"

Vincent didn't come to the hospital until it was time to get off work. Anna called him several times, but his phone was powered off, which made her a little uneasy. Vincent had told her that his phone wouldn't be powered off. Was there something happened on him?

"He's not a kid. He knows what he's doing. He turned off his phone probably because he was busy with something important.

At night, Harland brought food to Anna and comforted her, "The most important thing for you now is to take care of yourself. Come and have dinner first. I'll help you contact his company later to see if I can find him."

Anna answered perfunctorily and had dinner, but she was like chewing wax. She hadn't seen Vincent for a whole day. Why couldn't she be worried?

He used to show up at the off-duty time. Even if he couldn't come here today, he should inform her in advance, shouldn't he?

When Anna was lost in various fancies and conjectures, her phone vibrated at the head of the bed. In a hurry, she picked up the phone, only to find that it was a strange number. After hesitating for a second, she looked at Harland and pressed the answer key, "Hello."

"Anna, help me!"

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