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   Chapter 29 She Has A Younger Brother

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Vincent didn't want Anna to get involved in this matter, nor did he want her to worry about it. But when he saw the expectant look on her face, he couldn't refuse. He sighed deeply and replied, "Haley was arrested for intentional homicide. As for Andrew, he is also under the police's control."


Anna asked, "How did he get caught by the police? What did he do? Did you tell the police that he kidnapped me and wanted to rape me?"

Vincent shook his head, and his dark eyes were deep and meaningful. "Not long ago, Andrew had raped two underage girls and badly injured them. After that, he gave the families of the two a lot of medical fees and then left. The two children were unwilling to let him go, so they summoned up the courage to call the police. I guess now he has been sentenced."

Anna exclaimed in her heart, 'what an inhumane man Andrew is! How could he do such a cruel thing to children?"

Frowning, Anna asked in confusion, "how did you know the existence of these two girls?"

If she remembered correctly, it must be Vincent who led the police to open the door of the presidential suite, which meant that he knew about it in advance?

"Mandy told me."

After a long silence, Vincent said, "the two children were working in HY Club. They encountered such a thing on the first day they came in. Of course they don't want to spare Andrew."

Anna nodded and asked, "Andrew is arrested. What about your cooperation with him? Do you still have to suffer a great loss? "

Vincent shook his head and said, "I've told you before that I know what I'm doing. I've been working in the business circle for so many years, and I don't have to suffer a heavy loss because of a man who doesn't want to cooperate with me. Andrew was arrested, and the stock price of Cheng Group fell sharply. These are all within my plan. At present, I've begun to purchase Cheng Group. My goal was not to cooperate with him from the beginning. What I want is to own the whole Cheng Group."

Just like dealing with Jack at the beginning, he had planned everything, but he didn't expect that Andrew would take the initiative to commit a crime, which helped him a lot.

On the other hand, Anna was really shocked. 'Vincent has hidden himself so well that he even bought Cheng Group! Bravo!


Holding her hand gently, Vincent said again, "No matter what you want to do in the future, you must discuss with me and don't believe others' words. Only I won't hurt you, understand?"

Looking at his serious face, Anna nodded slightly. But why she felt that he meant something else?


Suddenly, something occurred to her. Anna grabbed his hand and said seriously, "I want to see a person. Can you bring him to me?"

Under the watchful eyes of Vincent, Harland, Mandy and Addy, Anna had a good rest in the hospital. Her most important task every day was to eat--- eat all kinds of tonics, all kinds of fresh fruit and take all kinds of medicine. Just a few days later, her belly was full of meat, soft and comfortable to touch.

"If you continue to spoil me like this, I will be too fat to walk."

When Vincent wasn't around, Anna complained to Mandy and Addy, "don't feed me so much. I can't eat any more."

"Just eat!"

After feeding a longan into Anna's mouth, Mandy rolled her eyes at her and said, "you've come back from the jaws of death. Can't you eat more to suppress your wild soul?"

Anna felt confused, "What is this saying?" "But, Ma

ndy, Addy, don't come to see me. You have to go to work at night and come to the hospital in the daytime. It's too tiring. I'm fine here. I'm almost recovered and can leave the hospital in a few days. I feel very for you if you continue to see me all the time."

"Forget it."

Patting on Anna's forehead, Mandy said, "If you really feel sorry to us, how could you do such a thing behind us? Don't say that. It's useless. If you really feel sorry, you'd better recover as soon as possible. When I met Harland just now, he said that you still need to be observed for a period of time."

She curled her lips to comfort her grievance. She didn't know when she could be discharged from hospital. She really wanted to go home.

"Addy, what's wrong? What happened? "

She noticing that she was not in a good mood today. Mandy hurriedly walked up to Anna, covered her mouth and whispered in her ear, "last night, Charly shamelessly went to HY Club. She is not feeling well. Let her be quiet for a while."

It was not until then that Anna realized that she had asked something she shouldn't have asked. She slapped herself across the face and said to Addy, "I'm sorry, Addy. I didn't know about it. Please don't be angry."

Addy chuckled, her bright red lips curling into a mocking smile. "Don't be silly. How can I be angry with you? It's not worth getting angry for such a man."

Even so, Mandy and Anna knew that she was sad. They looked at each other for a long time and said to Addy, "Addy, I don't know if I should tell you something. A few days ago, when Charley held the opening banquet, I saw the woman beside him. Her name was Suzan."

"What? Did you see that coquettish woman?"

Mandy became excited again, "did you give her a head-on blow at the first encounter to make her leave Charley quickly?"

"She is not a coquette ."

Before Anna could say anything, Addy had already tried to defend Suzan. She took out a lady's cigarette from the cigarette box in her bag, and stood in front of the window and lit it. "It's Charley who took the initiative to get close to her. She was forced to be with him."

Anna and Mandy looked at each other. Apparently, they didn't expect Addy to speak up for such a woman with a special identity. "Addy, have you ever known that woman? Aren't you angry that she took away Charley?"

"If a man really loves you, he will never be took away by other women."

After lighting up the cigarette, Addy crossed her arms over her chest and looked into the distance. She smiled faintly and said, "Charley doesn't love me at all, so Suzan doesn't take him away from me. All can I say is that he has never belonged to me."

Anna and Mandy didn't say anything. "In fact, Suzan is a poor girl."

Unexpectedly, Addy was open-minded and took the initiative to open the topic to them. "Do you know that Suzan actually has a younger brother who looks very much like her? He is a very pretty boy, but he is suffering from leukemia. Their parents died when she was very young, so Suzan worked hard to earn money for her brother's treatment. Later, she couldn't afford the medical fees of her brother, so she began to become a model. Anna, you've seen her before, so you must be amazed by her beautiful face. All men like this kind of beauty. They can't remove their eyes away when they see her face, so she can earn money very quickly. But she never tells her brother about the sources of the money. Isn't this similar to your experience?"

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