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   Chapter 28 She Finally Woke Up

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When Anna regained her consciousness, she heard a loud noise. "Do you know how dangerous it was this time, Vincent? As long as she was sent to hospital one minute late or the dagger was a little bit deeper, Anna would die! She almost died because of you! I won't let this happen to her, nor will I let her come back to you. Since you can't protect her, get out of my way! I'll protect Anna from now on! !"

"Anna is my woman!"

Vincent roared, "I don't allow you to get close to her!"

"If I hadn't rescued her in time, Anna would have died! What right do you have to keep me away from her!? I think you are the one who should not approach her! I'm so sad for Anna. Why did she find an irresponsible person like you?" Go! Go away! Don't come to visit Anna anymore. I'll take care of her! ! !"

"What did you say! My woman... "

"Get away! Go outside! You are so annoying! Anna needs silent environment!"

Addy shouted and drove Harland and Vincent out. With tears in Mandy's eyes, she grabbed Anna's hand and said, "Addy, what should we do? It's been a week. Anna hasn't woken up yet. The lily I bought her has been withered three times. Is it a bad sign? Anna, wake up. You're my only friend. What if you leave me? I won't be angry with you anymore, okay? Wake up! "

"Trust Anna. She won't leave us so easily."

Addy sighed and patted Mandy's shoulder. "What we need to do is to trust her. We believe that she will wake up!"

Tears welled up in Mandy's eyes as she nodded. She held Anna's hand and cried again. "It's all my fault. Why did I tailed after Haley and gave the test report to Anna. If she didn't have this certificate, she wouldn't have met Andrew so rashly. It's all my fault. It's all my fault, Anna. It's all my fault!"

It seemed that Anna had heard Mandy slapping her in the face. She wanted to say that it had nothing to do with her and told her not to blame herself, but she couldn't make any sound. She tried her best to open her eyes, and when she saw Mandy's crying face, her heart got pained too.

"I... I..."

"Anna, are you awake? Are you awake? "

Mandy was the first one to notice Anna's reaction. She sat up from the edge of the bed excitedly and held her hand tightly. Warm tears, mixed with cosmetics, constantly fell on her hospital dress. "Addy, come and have a look. Anna has woken up! Anna woke up! Anna, you're such a bad woman. You're finally willing to wake up. I'm so worried about you! Boo... Hoo... "

"Anna, are you awake? Can you see me? Do you still recognize me? I'm Addy!"

Nodding her head arduously, Anna wanted to say something, but she felt a sharp pain in her chest. Enduring the pain, she said, "Yes, I can. I know you."

"Great! You are not stupid! You are still alive! "

Mandy threw herself into Anna's arms and burst into tears. How could she comfort others on this way? It was really Mandy's style!

"You are not allowed to do such a dangerous thing again, understand? You almost died! !"

"Get up! You hurt Anna!"

Addy picked up Mandy and threw her aside. "Go and call the doctor. Anna just wake up and she needs a check-up."

Mandy nodded her head and said to Anna, "Don't be afraid. I'll be back soon." Then she ran out of the room in a hurry. When she saw Harland and Vincent who were still arguing, she shouted, "Anna has been awake! !"

"What? !"

The two of them said in unison and rushed to the ward at the same time. "You all go out. I'm here to check on Anna!"

Addy stepped aside obediently, but Vincent didn't want to do that. "I'll stand here and you do your examination. What can I do to

interfere with you?"


"Cut the crap. Give Anna a check-up as soon as possible. How can you pay the consequence if her treatment is delayed? !"

Although Harland was angry, he knew that what Vincent said was reasonable. He lowered his body and whispered to ask about Anna's feeling. After a simple examination, he said, "All the physical indexes are normal, but you are still very weak. The healing of the wound needs to be observed. During this period of time, you should have a good rest and not do any violent movement. You should change the medicine in time at the wound in case of infection."

He touched her long black hair with his slender fingers. Feeling sorry for her, Harland said, "Don't worry, Anna. I'll take care of you myself. I won't let anything happen to you again."

When Anna was about to nod in agreement, Vincent threw Harland aside and said, "now that you've finished the examination, you should go out. I'm Anna's boyfriend, and it's my responsibility to take care of her. You're a doctor, and you have your own work to do. Hurry up and go."


"Let's go first."

Addy tugged at the corner of Harland's clothes and said, "after all, Anna is now Vincent's girlfriend. It's not proper for you to care about her."

There were one hundred unwillingness in his heart, but Harland had no choice but to give up when he thought that there would be an operation later and he needed to perform it. After a moment of silence, Vincent leaned over to Anna with a dark face. "You are awake."

Anna nodded silently. She had been in a coma for a long time before she saw Vincent's face. She missed him so much. But why did he seem to get thinner? With beards popping out and bloodshot eyes, he looked so pitiful. "Did you stay up late?"

Her voice was still so light and weak, which made Vincent's heart pain again. "Yes, I stayed up late, because you didn't wake up all the time."

Anna smiled. 'Why does he still concerned about his face? He's worried about me, but he doesn't want to tell me.' She raised her hand to touch his handsome face. Anna couldn't help but feel infatuated with him. "Vincent, you're so handsome," she said.

She almost died in Haley's hand and couldn't touch his face.

"Vincent, are you still mad at me? I will never say that I will give up on you in the future. Don't be angry, okay? "

Vincent almost burst into tears. Why was she still thinking about this?

Stubbornly, he turned his head away and sniffed. Then he looked at Anna with a serious look again. "If you dare to do such a dangerous thing behind me again, I'll tie you to me and make you stay with me forever!"

Anna was moved by his words. She thought he would abandon her if she continued to do so. "Vincent, you're so nice," she said with a smile.

"Silly girl."

Touching Anna's hair and cheek lovingly, Vincent's every move was so careful and he said, "Don't do that again, okay? I will be worried, very worried. "

No one knew how worried and scared he was when he saw the dagger in Haley's hand pierce into Anna's body! If the police hadn't stopped him, he would have torn Haley apart on the spot!

Tears streamed down Anna's cheeks. "I know. I really know."

Only after experiencing this separation could she know how precious being together was. The second before she fainted, she regretted her impulse and rashness when she saw the panic face of Vincent. If she died, who would love such an excellent man?

The two hugged each other. After a long while, Anna asked again, "what happened later? What's going on with Andrew and Haley?"

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