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   Chapter 27 One Night Romance With A Gorgeous Girl, A Happy Death Thus Deserve

Everlasting Love By Xiao Xiaosu Characters: 7074

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Anna hated Haley to the core!

"Yes, Haley is right. As long as you are also infected with this disease, you can do nothing to me, right?"

With an evil smile, Andrew walked towards Anna step by step. "I haven't enjoy you yet. Come on, sweetheart. Let me satisfy you!"

Anna stepped back and looked at Andrew warily. "Mr. Andrew, I have certainly left myself a way out!" You underestimate me a lot!"

"What do you mean?"

He stopped and looked at the woman in front of him with a frown. "Mr. Andrew, you are a smart person. You can't be bewitched by Haley. It doesn't matter what she will do, but you can't. Think about it. Since I dare to stand here to face you today, I must be well prepared. That is to say, not only me, but also Vincent and my friends in HY Club, have known that you have got this disease. As long as I can't go back today, or if I get any hurt, you can imagine the result. So, Mr. Andrew, the best choice now is that you let me go back. As long as you don't pester Vincent and don't deliberately hamper his development, I'm sure this matter won't spread out. Moreover, I can also introduce some experts to help you cure your physical problems. What do you think? "

Andrew didn't say anything. His two black and thick eyebrows frowned together, which made him look terrible. After thinking for a while, he walked towards Anna again. "I almost fell into your trap. Who is Vincent? How can he easily let me off since knowing my soft spot? I don't believe it at all! Only when I control him can he be obedient and dare not say anything against me! Anna, just accept it. I won't let you go! "

"Mr. Andrew, you have overestimated my position in Vincent's heart."

Anna was neither overbearing nor servile. She tried her best to calm herself down and confronted Andrew. "I'm just a barmaid. Vincent just wants to try some fresh women. I'm nobody to him if he is not interested on me. How could he be at your disposal because of me? Think about it. If Vincent really cares about me, will he let me take the risk to negotiate with you? I'm not that important to him now. Your way won't work at all. "

Besides, women are easy to bear grudges. Mr. Andrew, if you have sex with me today, can you guarantee that I won't let out the news that you get this disease? I know that once I have sex with you at this time, I will be very likely to get sick, but what do I care about? I'm just a barmaid, and it doesn't matter that my reputation gets ruined. But you're different from me. If this matter is spread out, your wife will not spare you, not to mention how others think of you, right?"

She had already investigated that Andrew had an overbearing wife in his family. He had relied on the financial supports of his father-in-law to develop his business. If his father-in-law knew that he had done so many sneaky things outside, he would definitely suffer a bad result.

Andrew was lost in thought again, but Haley kept shouting behind him, "Mr. Cheng, you are a man. How can you be tricked by a woman? As long as you get Anna and cut off all her contact with the outside world, how can she spread the news? Don't listen to her nonsense. What Vincent cares about most is her. As long as you can control Anna, he will absolutely be obedient to you! Don't hesitate. Don't be bewitched by this woman! !"

"It's so noisy! !"

With a roar, Andrew's mind was once again completely disturbed. But this time, he didn't seem to want to worry too much. He stepped forward and pulled out Anna, who was approach

ing the corner. Then he threw her hard on the bed and loosened his bathrobe, saying, "There's a saying goes 'one night romance with a gorgeous girl, a happy death thus deserve.' Though it's not sure who will win, but why should I let you go? Anna, don't try to fool me anymore. I won't be fooled by you anymore! "

"Andrew, it's Haley who bewitched you, not me! You can't be so impulsive! "

"Are you afraid now?"

Andrew seemed to be very satisfied with Anna's reaction. He grabbed her chin with his short and powerful hand and said resentfully, "if it weren't for you, so many things wouldn't have happened and I wouldn't have been infected with this damn disease. Just for this sole reason, I won't let you go. Anna, you can't run away!"

Andrew tore Anna's clothes with all his strength. With evil and greedy eyes, he said, "you're the woman that Vincent loves so much. I'd like to see how your body tastes!"

"Go away! Go away! "

Anna began to struggle. She had thought that she would have a good chance of winning in today's negotiation, but now---, she said, "don't touch me, Andrew! I won't be with you! Go away! "

Anna took out a sharp dagger from her pocket and pointed it at Andrew. "If you take one more step forward, I won't spare you! I will kill you! I will kill you! "

Andrew didn't take Anna's threat seriously at all. Instead, he showed the scars on his body to her and said, "See? I used to be in underworld when I was young. What do you think you can do to me with a knife? How can I be afraid of you? What a joke! Just accept your fate. No one can save you today! !"

"Go away!"

Unwilling to resign to this result, Anna turned the knife and pointed it at herself. "Stop, Andrew! If you dare to come forward again, I'll commit suicide. Vincent knows that I'm here. If he knows that I'm killed by you, will he let you go? You'll be a wanted criminal in the city! Your career and achievements will be in vain. If you are smart enough to let me leave now, I can pretend nothing has happened! "

"Ha ha! How dare you! "

Instead of getting angry, Andrew laughed as if he had heard a big joke. "You want me to be a wanted criminal in the whole city? You must have read too many novels! Don't you know how many people I know in L City? Besides, even if you are really dead, so what? I can still put all the blame on Haley after I play with you. You forget, there are not only you and me in this room, but also a scapegoat! "


Anna didn't expect Andrew to be so shameless! In this moment, Andrew had stepped forward, grabbed the dagger from her hand and threw it aside. Then he leaned over her and said, "That's the smell. That's it. Anna, what fragrance did you use? Why do you smell so good? I'm so happy!"

Anna felt extremely sick. She tried her best to push him away, but to no avail. Suppressed, she could only constantly beat Andrew. "Get out! "Andrew, you bastard! get out of here! Get out! "

"Where should I go if such a beauty is here?"

With an evil smile, Andrew leaned over and kissed Anna again. Suddenly, Haley shouted, "Andrew, Anna, go to hell together! !"

She raised the dagger and rushed towards them. In a panic, Andrew suddenly pushed Anna out. The sharp knife pierced into Anna's heart, which made Haley stunned.

Did she get hurt?

Andrew was really a fool. How could he throw the dagger out? Haley was still in the room!


Her consciousness was a little blurry, but she seemed to see Vincent break in. Was she wrong?


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