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   Chapter 26 Anna Was The Key In The Incident

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"What did you say?! !"

Andrew stood up from the sofa and pounded the table with all his strength. His eyes went red and he shouted angrily, "Say it again! !"

"Mr. Andrew, what I said is true. If you don't believe me, I have the diagnosis of her treatment in my bag. You can check it yourself."

Andrew pointed at Andrew's bag and demanded, "Give it to me. Take it out. I'd like to see if you are telling the truth."

"Mr. Andrew! Please don't believe Anna! I'm not sick. I'm healthy!"

Haley's face changed dramatically. She pounced forward, but was kicked away by Andrew. The kick happened to hit Haley's chest, and her face turned pale with pain. "Haley, I'm telling you, if it's true, if you did want to hide it from me, I can skin you alive! ! !"

Pointing at Anna again, he roared, "Show me the diagnosis! !"

Anna did as he said. She handed the diagnosis certificate to him and stood in front of Haley, crossing her arms. "You don't even know what I'm talking about with Mr. Andrew. Why did you say you're not sick? Haley, are you hiding something and you are afraid that it might be exposed?"


Gnashing her teeth in hatred, Haley stood up and was about to pounce on Anna. "You are such a bitch! You've been spoiling my good plans all the time! I'll kill you! I'll definitely kill you! ! !"

"You bitch!"

But before she could get close to Anna, her hair was grabbed by Andrew. The pain made her wince. "Tell me, what's written in the paper? What does this mean?! !"

Patting the diagnosis on Haley's face, Andrew was so angry that his flesh trembled. He threw the woman aside fiercely, and then followed up and kicked her hard. "You are such a shameless bitch. I thought you were pitiful, so I took you in when you got nothing. I even supported you to get your revenge from Anna and Vincent. But you hid such a secret behind my back! You are courting death! I will skin you alive today! Drain your blood! !"

"Mr. Andrew! Mr. Andrew! ..."

Haley held his legs and cried, "I didn't know I was sick when I'm with you at the beginning. I found it later, but I didn't dare to tell you at that time! Mr. Andrew! I'm sorry. Please spare me this time!"

"Spare you?"

Andrew snorted as he squatted down and pinched Haley's neck hard. His furious eyes were about to pop out. "I wouldn't be called Andrew if I spare you! Damn it! How dare you make me infected with such a disease? I'll kill you! ! !"

Haley was out of breath, while Anna stood aside and watched the drama. She had warned Haley not to go against her, but she didn't listen and was finally hoisted by her own petard. In that case, don't blame her for being ruthless!

But she still had to thank Mandy for telling her the news in time. She said that it was a coincidence that day. When she went to see Addy, she saw Haley enter the hospital in a hurry. From her expression, Mandy could tell that Haley was either pregnant or infected. She followed her out of curiosity. Only then did she know that Haley had got venereal disease. Later, Mandy spent hundreds of dollars to buy the diagnosis from the doctor and handed it to Anna.

"Waa... Waa..."

Haley tried hard and finally got rid of Andrew. With Andrew's beating behind, Haley ran around the room. She cried as she cursed at Anna, "Anna, are you happy now?! Are you proud of yourself to get me here?! But don't be complacent, I will drag you into the mire sooner or later! Even if I die, I will take you with me! I won't let you go!"

Anna picked her ear impatiently and said, "Haley, please take a good look at yourself. It's all your fault to get the disease. Why do you hate me so much?"

Anna had always been curious about this. Back then, she was the one who was

expelled from the HY Club. She didn't do anything excessive. But why did she get the feeling that Haley was going to eat her up as soon as she saw her?

"Why not blame you? It's all your fault!"

Haley almost roared, "If you hadn't kicked me out of the HY Club, how could I have been sleeping with all kinds of men for a living? Those people have no power or wealth, and they share no sense of hygiene at all. That's why I am infected with disease! It's all your fault!"

Anna admired Haley's logic. "If you hadn't exaggerated in front of Laura and incited her to kidnap me, I wouldn't have driven you out. Have you ever think about that? The HY Club leaves no space for traitors. It's reasonable for you to be driven out. I just did what I should do!"

Anna thought, 'Why did Haley blame me for whatever she suffered? That's quite unfair.'

"What the hell do you know, Anna?! The previous incident was not that simple. It was -- ah --! !"

Haley's words were interrupted by Andrew's beating. "It's not the right time to say so much. It seems that I have underestimated you, Haley. Don't worry. I'll let you know what I am capable of!"

He found a whip from the room and whipped hard at Haley. The moment the whip fell, a shocking bloody mark appeared on Haley's white skin. "Ah --! ! ! Ah! ! ! Someone help me! The man is killing me! Help! ! !"

The heart wrenching scream sent shivers down Anna's nerves. As soon as she saw the bloodstain, she thought of what had happened that night. She couldn't help but get goose bumps all over her body. Rubbing her arms, she said to Andrew, "Mr. Andrew, since you're busy, I'll go back first."

She might have a nightmare if she saw too much scenes like this! Besides, her goal of stirring up trouble between the two had been achieved, and it was time to go back. "Stop!"

But she was stopped by him. He stretched out his fat and powerful hand and grabbed Anna's neck. His eyes were red. "When did I let you go? Anna, you are too naive. Do you really think it is that easy? That you can come and go as you like? What do you think of me? Am I that easy to get rid of? I'll tell you what, since you're here today, don't even think about leaving. You belong to me! That's undisputed!

"Mr. Andrew, you can't be so domineering."

Not afraid of him, Anna argued confidently, "I told you Haley's secret, making it possible that you can eradicate a tumor around you. You don't thank me for that, but instead you want to keep me here. That doesn't sound like a right thing to do! If so, don't blame me for turning against you!"

"You want to turn against me?"

Andrew smiled evilly, "How? Huh? You are just a woman. What else can you do without Vincent's support?"

"I can do a lot of things, such as exposing your illness to the public!"


Andrew was obviously enraged. He tightened his grip, which made Anna out of breath. "You're asking for death!"

Trying her best to break free from his grip, Anna coughed a few times before she came to her senses. She touched her neck and looked at him warily. "Now I got something against you. If you don't want to lose face in L City, let me go back. At the same time, you have to withdraw all the suppression on Vincent. Otherwise, tomorrow I'll let the streets and alleys of L City full of your dirty disease news! !"

If it weren't for the evidence in her hand, she wouldn't have come to this banquet so confidently! !


"Mr. Andrew, don't be afraid of her!"

Haley shouted when Andrew was in a dilemma. Although her body was covered with blood, her eyes were still vicious. "As long as she is infected with this disease, she won't dare to do so, will she? We don't need to be afraid of her at all!"

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