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   Chapter 25 A Sheep Enters A Tiger's Mouth

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Anna didn't sleep the whole night. On the second morning, she sat in front of the dressing mirror and dressed herself up.

Vincent had done so much for her, and she couldn't pretend to ignore it. She had to attend the banquet Haley had set for her. How could she let Vincent bear the loss of about twenty million?

Looking at herself in the mirror, Anna silently clenched her fists. In the past, it was Vincent who had done everything for her. This time, she would be his patron saint!

She arrived at ZT Club on time and stood in front of the door of the presidential suite. Clenching her fists, Anna took a deep breath. Before she knocked on the door, Haley had already opened it. She was wearing a bright red silk pajamas, and her graceful figure was partly hidden and partly visible.

"I knew you would come."

She shook the goblet in her hand gently, drank up the wine in it enchantingly, and opened the door completely to make way for her. "Come in, we have been waiting for you for a long time."

As Anna walked inside, she saw Andrew sitting on the sofa not far away. He was wearing a bathrobe, revealing his fat chest. His big belly was very disgusting.

"Haley, you have worked really hard enough to defeat me."

She could even accept such a man. Oh, no, Haley seems to like this kind of men. Isn't Jack even worse than Andrew?

With a gloomy and vicious look in her eyes, Haley said in a voice that could only be heard by her and Anna, "Yes, I can do anything to destroy you. You used the power of Vincent to drive me out of HY Club and make me live a life worse than death. How can I not hate you? I hate you so much that I want to kill you directly! But I'm not that stupid. You have offended Andrew with Vincent, or I won't find such a good opportunity to turn things around. Anna, just wait and see. I will definitely let you die in my hands this time! "

Anna knew clearly that women can be the most vicious creature in the world. She also knew that Haley was always a person who was good at bearing grudges and revenging. However, since she came, she had already been mentally prepared. She smiled gracefully and calmly at Andrew and said, "Mr. Cheng, it was indeed my fault last time. I made you angry. Anna said sorry to you. I know you are a broad-minded person, so please spare me this time, and don't embarrass Vincent in the business, OK? As businessmen, wouldn't it be better for you two to work together and make more money? I think only by cooperating with Vincent in L City can you get the most profit. "


Andrew snorted with disdain, and a fierce light burst out from his narrow and long eyes. "Why should I listen to what you said and spare you and Vincent? Anna, I think you have underestimated a man's desire for revenge! If Vincent dares to oppose me regardless of the consequences, he should have thought that I would cut off his financial source. No one else should be blamed for this. It's all his own fault! "


Then Andrew put on an evil smile and said, "Anna, you're a smart girl. You know I like you. If you're willing to leave Vincent and be with me, I'll consider letting him off."

Knowing what Andrew would say, Anna replied calmly, "Mr. Andrew, it's not impossible for me to follow you regardless of Vincent's life. After all, people like me want nothing more than a stable and reliable man. Vincent has been cracked down badly by you since I was with him for a few days. I'd rather go to your arms as soon as possible than continue to suffer with him."

"However, I'm not a person who can put up with something I hate. Mr. Andrew, you have already had Haley by your side, so I'm sorry that I can't agree to your request. Although I'm a hostess, I have a high standard of love. Mr. Andrew, if you can't cut off the connection with other women for me, I won't agree to be with you."

"Ha ha!"

With a wild smile, Andrew said, "I like people as you who isn't willing to do something he hates. Anna, you're so attractive!"

The corners of Anna's mouth lifted slightly. Her delicate and beautiful face was full of calmness and confidence. Sitting on the sofa next to Andrew, she propped her chin with one hand and asked enchantingly, "So, Mr. Andrew, what's your choice? You want me or Haley? "

"Anna, you are really outstanding. Many men will fall in love with you when they see you. There is no doubt about that."

After lighting a cigarette, Andrew took a drag on it and exhaled the smoke slowly. Through the choking smoke, he pinched Anna's chin with his fat fingers and said in a deep voice, "if it weren't for what happened before, I would have given up Haley for you. But I've been fooled once. What do you think I can believe you? People can't fall down at the same place for two times. Although Haley is not as smart and beautiful as you, at least she is loyal to me. Men will never refuse an obedient dog. Do you think so?"

With a smile at the corners of her mouth, Anna nodded in silence. A lecherous man like Andrew certainly couldn't refuse a coquettish, dissolute and bold woman like Haley. But she had to break his trust in Haley.

"Haley is indeed a good girl. I can't deny it. She knows better than me how to make men happy. I'm not surprised that you love her so much. But, Mr. Andrew, if you are still reluctant to leave her after hearing what I'll say later, I respect you for being a real man."

Andrew frowned suspiciously. What did she mean?

"Mr. Andrew, please don't listen to Anna's nonsense. She is good at cheating. She will say something unpleasant to provoke our relationship. Please don't believe what her words!"

Haley panicked before she said anything.

The smile on Anna's face widened. She stared at Andrew excitedly and said, "Mr. Andrew, you're a man of great reputation, so you surely have your own ideas. I'm just a barmaid in a nightclub. What can I do to alienate you from Haley? I just tell you what I know, so that you won't be kept in the dark like a fool. As for what to do, it all depends on you. I will never say one more word."

"You mean Haley is hiding something from me?"

With a ghastly pale face, Andrew cast a warning glance at her, which frightened Haley immediately. "Mr. Andrew, don't listen to her seductive words. I have nothing to hide from you. You saved me from the darkness. I consider you as my benefactor, how can I hide anything from you? I didn't. I really didn't. Please don't listen to Anna's nonsense! "

Anna didn't say anything. She just pretended to be mysterious and looked at Andrew with meaningful eyes. Being stared at by her, Andrew felt a little scared. He kicked Haley aside and asked with a cold face, "What do you want to say? Tell me, but I warn you, you'd better not play tricks in front of me again. If I know what you say is a lie, I won't spare you!"

"Even if you give me more courage, I won't dare to lie to you."

Seeing that Andrew had taken the bait, Anna smiled. She cast a smug glance at the exasperated Haley and whispered in his ear, "Mr. Andrew, I heard that Haley..."

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